What The Location Of A Bellyache Says About Your Health


Cramping, dull, burning, or sharp pain in different sections of the abdomen indicates much about how the individual is feeling. Given that the belly consists of plenty of vital organs, plus nerve endings. There are several factors that could result in pain in different places. Smoking, an unhealthy diet, some medications, too much food could result in gallstones, ulcers, or heartburn. This is the reason it is crucial to identify the location of the pain and take the appropriate steps immediately.

Dull Upper Abdominal Pain

If the individual is experiencing a pain that is dull in the area of their upper abdomen or stomach. Plus if they feel bloated as well. Then chances are they are suffering from excess gas. They might be experiencing various symptoms as well. A pain that arrives in stages and results in stomach swelling; individuals have a sensation as if something is moving around in their tummy.

They are also passing gas and burping. The reason for this sensation is fast eating and quick swallowing. Beans, dairy products, beer, and fizzy drinks lead to the formation of too much gas in the belly. In order to stop this painful state, it is wise to consume reduced amounts of the aforementioned foods. A rapid fix for this feeling is to take a peppermint oil pill or a pill with activated charcoal.

Pain At Top Of Abdominal Area Or In Lower Chest Area

Acid reflux or heartburn results in a burning pain in the lower chest region. The pain also occurs at the top of the abdomen as well. Plus, the individual could experience a burning in their throat. This at times could bring up an acidic taste that is felt in the throat. There are several foods that could be activating this heartburn. Included here are caffeinated drinks, coffee, citrus fruits, chocolate, raw onions, spicy and greasy foods, and alcohol, especially red wine.

What is more, is that the smoking of cigarettes worsens heartburn. In order to prevent this from happening, individuals must not overeat. It is wiser to consume five to six small meals throughout the day, than two or three large ones. Plus, it is also recommended that loose-fitting clothing be worn in order to avoid placing pressure on the abdomen. Quitting smoking will also help out a lot.

Severe Pain In Upper Abdominal Area

The reason for this sharp pain located in the upper stomach or abdominal region could be ulcers. Ulcers manifest themselves when there is damage to the lining of the stomach. Strong painkillers could also trigger them as well. Other known symptoms of ulcers include chest pain, vomiting, unexplained weight loss, dark or bloody stool, nausea, and appetite changes.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, frequent use of ibuprofen, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs negatively impacts the stomach and lead to ulcers. In order to prevent ulcers, it is suggested that individuals not drink more than two alcoholic beverages daily, also not to combine them with any medication. Individuals should also restrict painkillers and wash their hands prior to every meal. It is extremely critical that individuals eat a diet that includes a mixture of vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Quitting smoking will also help out tremendously.

Bloating & Cramping

In the event that the digestive system is sensitive, the individual could have a bloating and cramping sensation in the belly area. This feeling might activate Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In a situation such as this, there are two plausible outcomes that could occur. One is that the digestive system might become retarded and results in constipation. The other is that the system speeds up and diarrhea is the result.

It is still quite unclear what leads to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, it is believed that it occurs because of a specific combination of a disturbance in the communication between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. Plus an amplified awareness of bodily functions and atypical gastrointestinal tract movements. To resolve this issue it is better to understand the foods that the individual is sensitive to and reduce the intake.

Diarrhea & Cramping

If the individual experiences cramps and sharp pain in the abdominal area, vomiting, nausea, and have watery diarrhea. Plus they have a low-grade fever and occasional headaches and muscle aches, this might be a signal of gastroenteritis. Consuming water or food that has been contaminated could lead to an infection of gastroenteritis.

It can also be contracted if the individual uses an infected person’s personal things, towels, or accessories. In order to prevent contracting the infection, individuals should get vaccinated. They should also wash their hands prior to eating and disinfect hard surfaces frequently. They should also ensure that individuals within the household use separate personal items.

Severe Pain In Upper Right Abdomen

It is actually really difficult to indicate the existence of gallstones. Individuals will only recognize their presence if they become inflamed. Also, if the gallstones become lodged in a duct that transports digestive juices to the small intestines from the liver. In a situation like this, the symptoms are going to be nausea, shivering, fever, and severe, sudden pain in the upper right abdomen.

Several risk factors could lead to gallstones. Such as diabetes, being sedentary, obesity, eating foods high in cholesterol and fats, and taking medicine that consists of estrogen, like contraceptives. To stop the development of gallstones, individuals should adhere to some simple guidelines. Manage their weight, do not miss meals, and bear in mind that rapid weight loss amplifies the risk.