How To Know You Are Low On Key Vitamins


The body provides individuals with plenty of information, such as what is happening on the inside, which might not be visible. The main thing is to pay close attention to the signs and symptoms. There are some that are really sneaky; therefore individuals must get the nutrients they require in order to feel awesome again.

Flaky Scalp

A flaky scalp could mean that the individual is deficient in fatty acids. In the event that individuals recognize that they have flakes, raining down especially when they scratch their heads. Do not just consider dandruff. It could be that it might be due to not receiving adequate amounts of healthy fatty acids. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3s, are lubricants for the body.

Not having enough means that parts will begin to dry out. Ensure that two fish meals are consumed each week in order to intake that omega-3 fatty acid. Other fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic acid are also vital. These are located in flaxseed and walnuts.

Thin, Brittle Hair

Thin, brittle hair could indicate that the individual is deficient in B vitamins. Everyone knows the importance of B vitamins, especially biotin for healthy, strong hair. However, if the individual is low on folic acid, this might result in brittle, thin strands of hair.

Folic acid is often found in grains that have been enriched such as cereal and bread. Even just a single cup of white rice is a great source. However, if the individual has been reducing their carbohydrate intake due to weight loss goals. They could be missing out if they did not have proper planning.

Graying Part

A graying part in the hair could be a sign that the individual could be deficient in copper. Therefore check the intake of copper if there is a part that starts to look a bit silver. Copper plays a vital role in the production of melanin, which provides the hair with its color. If the individual’s hair is rapidly going gray, they should have their copper levels tested. Shellfish such as oysters as well as prunes and dark leafy green are excellent sources.

Mouth Cracks & Sores

This could be an indicator that the individual is deficient in the B12 vitamins. Lesions that resemble ulcers start to appear in the mouth when the body craves vitamin B12. In order to have these corrected, supplements could be taken. Also sources of B12 such as eggs, red meat, and poultry. For vegetarians, it is a bit more difficult; however, it can be accomplished with fortified foods, such as nutritional yeast, cereal, and non-dairy milk.

Bumps On The Back Of Arms

Realizing bumps on bumps on the back of the arms could be a sign that the individual is missing out on vitamin A and zinc. Keratosis pilaris is when the arms are not smooth. The bumps are small, red and they do not itch. The reason that the vitamin A and zinc levels should be assessed is that they are both vital for healthy skin. They also are important for repairing wounds. Cantaloupe and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin A.

Fingernail Ridges

Not enough stomach acid could be the reason for individuals suffering from ridges on their fingernails. This inadequacy could prevent the body from breaking down nutrients in food. It also stops the absorption of the minerals and vitamins required. Consuming over-the-counter medication for heartburn could be one of the reasons for the reduction in stomach acid. It has been reported that taking apple cider vinegar with a meal and water could assist with this. Digestive enzymes could also help with this deficiency.


Feelings of fatigue could be an indicator of vitamin D deficiency. Chronic tiredness, in spite of getting adequate amounts of sleep, is a warning flag of being vitamin D deficient. In order to add more vitamin D to your diet, get fortified yogurt or milk or non-dairy almond milk. Specific fish such as sardines and some mushrooms provide vitamin D as well.