9 Worst Foods For Cellulite


Cellulite appears to be a major issue, so there are numerous solutions out there that are advertised to reduce or eliminate it, from cellulite blasting foods to spas and creams. These treatments have some level of success but what makes them even more successful is to change your diet and put certain foods out of your meal plan completely. In this article, you will see some of the worst foods for cellulite and what you should substitute them with.

Processed Meats And Cheeses

In a standard amount of packaged deli meats there could be anywhere in the ballpark of 790 mg of sodium, this is already one-third of the recommended daily intake. We all know of people that put way too much meat between their bread when making sandwiches and to top it off their put cheese on it as well, processed cheese is not any better than the meats, as some varieties of cheese, for instance, feta can have up to 400 mg of sodium in just one-quarter of a cup. The link between the aforementioned and cellulite is that foods high in sodium can result in water retention when consumed, and extra water weight combined with bloating can make cellulite more visible. Instead of the processed meat and cheeses, you can indulge in low-sodium versions of those favorite foods, eat hydrating fruits and vegetables like cucumber, and ensure that you drink water consistently during the day.

Canned Soup

When you are in a bind for time, these convenient cans of soup are a lifesaver, however, they are also packed with sodium as a preservative, again leading to retention of water and dehydration, resulting in the visibility of cellulite. Steam your own pot of delicious soup if the soup is what you crave, do this using broth that is low in sodium.

Sweetened Drinks And Sodas

As each year passes, does it appear as if the cellulite is becoming more and more aggressive? This could be due to your body producing less and less collagen, a protein that is linked to the appearance of un-dimpled and smooth skin. The loss of collagen is a natural way of life and the aging process, so to reverse it would be impossible. However, that is not an excuse because reducing sugar from your diet can assist. Although sugar, which is linked to the decrease in collagen, is found in almost everything, it is mainly found in abundance in energy drinks, sodas, and processed juices. Although you should try to cut these out completely if you have to try a flavored seltzer drink instead.

Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque sauce also contains salt, but you are also consuming more than half of the daily recommendation of sugar when you place it on your food. The sugar content is mostly due to the fructose corn syrup, which apparently is additive to increase appetite. Moreover, the consumption of sugar goes beyond weight gain and the visibility of cellulite, it can also trigger spikes in blood sugar levels but releasing insulin, a hormone responsible for fat storage. Switch to a low sugar alternative that does not contain more than 250 grams of salt per serving.

Cottage Cheese

Again sodium is the connection between cottage cheese and the cottage cheese-like dimpling on your backside. Although you do not necessarily taste from the cottage cheese, in a one-cup serving, you would be eating just about 700 mg of salt, way over one-third of the recommended daily intake. Instead, try a no-salt variety or even Greek yogurt as alternatives.


Foods high in saturated fats, known to clog arteries should be avoided at all costs. According to Yasi Ansari, a well-known registered dietitian, a number of things can result in cellulite, besides genetics. The most common of the other causations is poor blood flow. Slow blood circulation and the flow of oxygen can be the result of diets that are rich in unhealthy fats, this then causes the weakening of connective tissues, which makes cellulite much more apparent. According to The Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, the main source of saturated fats in the American’s diet is pizza and cheese. Try preparing quick dinners before you pick up the phone to call a pizza delivery service.

Buttery And Margarine Spreads


The invention of butter also came with the invention of trans fat, a fat that tends to harden inside the human body and block the arteries. This makes it quite hard for the oxygen and blood to circulate. This not only results in skin tissue weakening, resulting in pronounced skin rippling. The lack of blood flow can also be very dangerous to your heart. The man-made trans-fat can be found in many of the low-calorie butter and margarine. Instead of the fake butter or margarine, try swapping it out with grass-fed butter which is loaded with fatty acids that support weight loss.

White Bread

Kristin Reisinger, a personal trainer, and registered dietitian suggests that to eliminate cellulite, you should avoid foods that are made out of white flour, for example, white bread. This is not considered a sweet indulgent but the body does breakdown the refined carbohydrates into glucose, which is a nutrient that decreases collagen resulting in the cellulite appearing worse than what it actually is. Using whole grain rather than refined grains would be the better option.


Eliminating processed snacks from your diet is key to decreasing body fat, for example, chips, and there are no other processed chips that are more addictive than Doritos, it is very difficult to consume Doritos in moderation, the reason for this is that Doritos was creatively constructed so that no one flavor overpowers another. Food that lacks this dominant taste has been proven to make people feel less full and that results in consuming more. There are alternatives to the addictive chips out there, try Beanitos Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips which have fiber included in the ingredients to help you feel fuller.