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9 Foods That Only Pretend To Be Healthy


It is almost impossible to eat healthy one hundred percent of the time. However, individuals want to be guaranteed that a product will benefit their bodies. As it turns out, there are foods which several individuals consider to be healthy, but in vain. Following are some of the traitors that impersonate the healthy guys.

Banana Chips

The advantage of banana chips is that they consist of the same things as actual bananas. That is magnesium, potassium, iron, and food fiber. However, manufacturers include sugar and flavor enhancers in the banana chips and often deep-fry these chips. These can be replaced with homemade banana chips prepared in an oven or even air-dried.


There are several varieties of crispbread available. Individuals can often encounter snacks with the appearance of crispbread which consists of harmful oils. When selecting this crispbread, read the ingredients carefully. There should not have in any antioxidants, dyes, preservatives, modified starch, or yeast. The best choice of crispbread is produced with coarse whole wheat flour or whole grain.

Gluten-Free Foods

Gluten is a protein that is found in grains. It is the very thing that allows the flour to be mixed with water. It is only harmful to individuals that are gluten intolerant. This set of individuals only amount to one percent of the world’s population. Every other individual should not avoid this protein unless they consult their health care provider. Gluten-free products consist of plenty of refined additives. These make them even more dangerous than gluten. Common bread can be used, just do not overdo it, and however, do not be afraid of it either.

Candied & Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are considered to be healthy on their own. However, to maintain their color and safeguard them from mold, they are treated with sulfur dioxide and fungicides. As it relates to candied fruits, due to the vast amount of sugar they are less beneficial. Replace these by drying your own fruits at home. It is really not a difficult or complicated process, and it much healthier.

Processed Cheese

On top of the fact that there are way too many additives found in processed cheese, it consists of a load of sodium. For instance, a sandwich with three slices of processed cheese will amount to two-thirds of the daily requirement for this product. This cheese can be replaced with various different types of quality cheese and salted cottage cheese.

Canned Vegetables & Fruits

Manufactures include things such as vinegar and barbeque sauce which are not that healthy, to canned vegetables. For instance, nutritionist experts stated that a can of beans consists of three tablespoons of sugar. Individuals should select quality canned vegetables that do not contain any preservatives, sugar or salt. They could also can them on their own.

Starchy Vegetables

Yams, pumpkins, potatoes, peas, and corn contain fewer minerals, vitamins, and food fiber than other fruits and vegetables. However, the calorific values are much higher. This in no way means that individuals ought to avoid these vegetables. It is simply not recommended to consume them in large amounts, especially if the individual maintains a diet. Individuals should opt for non-starchy vegetables that are green, juicy, and crispy. In particular, if the individual consumes them after 6 pm.


Yogurts purchased from the store consist of loads of sugar and very little amounts of protein. Additionally, individuals need to chew them, which gives the impression that they are consuming something that is light. Individuals should select yogurts that are low in sugar, around ten grams per portion. Plus they should be high in protein which is about six grams per portion. Individuals could purchase Greek yogurts and include fresh fruit.

Instant Oatmeal

Practically everyone knows that oatmeal is healthy. However, very few individuals know that the flakes that need cooking for two to three minutes are not really healthy. The tinier the flakes, the more they have been processed, and their glycemic index increases. Therefore, that leads to additional calories. Plus, instant oatmeal that has sweeteners and additives is even worse. Individuals should select coarsely ground oats. It takes additional time to boil, however, they will provide individuals with everything expected from real oatmeal.