7 Ways To Eat Unhealthy Food In A Healthy Manner

There is sadly no getting around the fact that fast food, chips, and sweets are not very good for you. They are loaded with salt, sugar, and saturated fats which overwhelm any essential nutrients that may have been in the food in its whole form. But boy, do those foods taste good! So rather than deprive yourself entirely, we are taking a look at some surprising methods of eating unhealthy food in a better, healthier way.

1. Make A Swap

Many of our favorite junk foods can be substituted for other items that are healthier but still satisfying. When we crave chips, it’s usually for the salty crunch. Try baked chips, popcorn, nuts, or even carrot sticks with a little onion dip. To satisfy a sweet tooth, baked goodies can often be made with fruit (especially applesauce) instead of sugar. Try mixing semi-sweet chocolate chips, salted peanuts, and raisins for a trail mix that hits both the sweet and salty craving at once, while also providing vitamins and healthy fats.

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