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7 Foods Never To Eat For Breakfast


There is a reason that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Following a long night of fasting, the body is craving for nutrition at sunrise. Not having the correct fuel, individuals are left with an offset mood, reduced energy, weird cravings, and possibly a larger waistline. This obviously does not sound very appealing. Several morning classics are apparent diet offenders, we mean you waffles. However, there are other staples used at breakfast time that might not appear to be too menacing initially. Following are a few breakfast foods that could be skipped.

Sugary Cereal

Stay clear of the Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms. The rush provided by these sugary cereals will completely alter the blood sugar and result in more sugary foods later. Classic breakfast foods could often be loaded with sugar with reduced nutritional value. This includes minerals and vitamins, protein, fiber, and healthy fats which could assist in individuals pushing through the day.

The same is true for sugary cereals. If an individual is not feeling full at breakfast, they will consume more shortly after finishing breakfast. This leads to individuals taking in unwanted additional calories which would pack on more weight to the individual’s frame. Bear in mind that healthier-looking alternatives such as granola could also consist of huge amounts of sugar. Reading the nutritional facts label is highly recommended.


Waffles could be exceedingly heavy in simple carbohydrates. This means that they digest more rapidly and will not sustain the individual. They also have the potential of being classified as a desert all depending on the choice of toppings. Several toaster assortments might provide an adequate quantity of fiber once it is outlined in the labeling. There are other options on the other hand that is severely lacking.

Regardless of the individual prepares their own batter or throws a couple in the toaster, waffles are not part of a balanced breakfast. As it relates to choosing an excellent breakfast, keep in mind combining the fat with the protein, with minimally processed carbohydrates. For instance, scrambled eggs with toast or fruit, to help with the fiber.

Orange Juice

Orange juice in the morning is essential for many people, like coffee. This breakfast stronghold is actually quite high in sugar. Although it is natural fruit sugar instead of added sugar, it is still too much of the sweet stuff. Juice, specifically heat pasteurized fruit juice, for breakfast could supply a large dosage of calories and sugar.

Plus, provided that fruit juice is processed at relatively high temperatures, a lot of the nutritious value could be lost. Rather, select a freshly squeezed juice, high-pressure pasteurized pr cold-pressed vegetable, and fruit juice. This would consist of greater amounts of nutrients reduced sugar. A great rule to follow is to seek out a juice that possesses two vegetables for every fruit.

Bagel & Cream Cheese

Bagels are considered calorie bombs. Individuals might count them as just one serving; however, one bagel is equal to approximately four slices of bread. They also provide little to no nutritional value. Not to mention, the majority are thought of as simple carbohydrates. Therefore, unless it is whole wheat, individuals lose out on fiber that would sustain the individual. Allowing them to feel fuller for longer.

Cream cheese is simply there to satisfy the taste buds and nothing more. There is no nutritional value, even it is labeled as the vegetable variety. For individuals that it seems difficult to leave out the bagel, have half a whole wheat one with avocado. Thereby cutting back on the calories and while adding some healthy fat, fiber, and protein.

Pre-Mixed Oatmeal

Oatmeal could be one of the best choices for breakfast. However, premixed packets provide more than what was bargained for. There is normally reduced fiber due to the grains being typically more processed and additional sugar is added. In order to create a healthy meal, add fruit to a bowl of plain, steel-cut oats. Cinnamon, coconut, seeds, and nut butter are also delicious and healthy add-ons. This would actually stave off hunger pangs and prevent the consumption of unwanted calories.

Toaster Pastries

Nostalgia is the only thing that these pastries are able to fill. In the past, grabbing a pop tart out of the toaster while rushing for the school bus might have been adequate. However, the body depends on breakfast for energy, so choosing this option will leave the body begs. Whatever energy is derived from these sugar snack pastries will be followed by a serious crash. Plus, the reduced fiber count will not assist in balancing out things.

Flavored Yogurt

Just like pre-mixed oatmeal, a yogurt is initially a healthy option. This is prior to the companies beginning to add extras in order to attract consumers. Companies have started adding artificial flavors and colors. In its plain form, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, gut-healthy probiotics, and protein. However, in many situations, flavored varieties consist of loads of added syrup and sugar. In particular, fruit on the bottom types. Opt for plain yogurt and add fruit and some nuts, giving it healthy fats which will delay digestion, thereby increasing satisfaction.