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Make Healthy Eating More Affordable


Healthy eating does not have to be very expensive, in spite of the price tag many individuals would have seen. The cost of some of the bigger health forward brand names could be daunting. The truth is that organic foods often are bought at a high premium when compared to traditional foods. One of the reasons for this is that the organic food supply is very limited when compared to the demand.

Another reason is that distribution and marketing methods of organic foods are expensive and inefficient. This is because of the relatively small volume of production. However, buying organic is not a prerequisite for eating healthy. Highlighted in this article are five simple ways individuals could utilize on their next grocery trip in order to save money. They will still be able to stock up on foods that are nutritious.

Purchase Produce That Is In Season

Something such as this should actually be a no-brainer. The reason not only do vegetables and fruits taste better. They are better for you during the season they are cultivated in. Plus, they are quite cheaper. For instance, try purchasing strawberries when they are out of season, like during winter. They could be very expensive when compared to when they are purchased in the summer season. One more way to guarantee the purchase of produce in season is being associated with a local farm’s community-supported agriculture.

A program like this will permit individuals to purchase vegetables and fruits being grown by farmers each season. This way the individual is receiving the best quality produce each week or as often as the individual purchases. A bonus is that individuals will get to see exactly where their food is coming from all the while supporting a local farmer.

Choose Plant-Based Proteins

Meat could be very expensive. This is one of the very reasons individuals should integrate additional plant-based protein into their diet. This would include items such as lentils, tempeh, beans, and tofu, which are all relatively cheap when compared to meat. Try to cut out meat at least once maybe twice each week and instead replace it with plant-based protein. Individuals might just witness a reduction in their grocery bills.

Skip The Brand Names

Everyone loves purchasing a name brand, however, if the individual could choose the store brand it would assist. It would help in the reduction of the entire grocery bill. Purchasing other generic food brands would also help. For instance, if you always purchased Kroger, try switching to Simple Truth, as most products are cheaper than their competitors. 

Purchase Additional Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

Try really hard not to neglect the frozen foods aisle. Vegetables and fruits are frozen when they are in their ripest and most nutritious phase. Therefore, individuals could enjoy them throughout the year, even long after their season period. Also, they are much more inexpensive when bought in this form, as compared to fresh.

Buy In Bilk

This could take the form of becoming a member at places such as Costco. Then stock up on nonperishable items such as dried legumes, for example, garbanzo beans and lentils. Also items like seeds, oats, and trail mix. This stock-up process could also include canned products such as canned fruit, beans, and tomatoes. As stated before being a member of a community-supported agriculture program is another way of purchasing in bulk. Just that this way the food is fresh, so individuals should have enough individuals to aid in consuming it all. Or try to convince friends that live in close proximity to split the cost and the basket.