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How Cardio And Weight Training Differ For Your Health


Cardio and strength training are both spectacularly popular and efficient athletic training tools. Both have varying benefits, so it may be difficult for beginners to decide which one is best or valuable for them. Cardio and strength give a great starting to a healthy life and fitness journey. Most people think that cardio just means cycling until you feel tired or running on the treadmill for hours, but it is an exercise you need to do until your metabolic and heart rate increases. Both cardio and strength training have different benefits. Read below to discover the differences between the two and which one might be more beneficial to you.


Cardio is an aerobic activity, which means cardio uses oxygen to raise your heart and breathing rate. It reduces the inflammatory motioning in fatty tissues and prevents fat storage in your body until you do cardio regularly. Cardio also gives strength to the body’s circulatory system. Cardio activities include cycling, running, swimming, etc. Running is one of the essential activities of cardio because it makes breathing faster and harder and raises the heart rate. Cardio is beneficial for the lungs, cardiovascular system, and heart. Along with heart health, it also improves blood sugar, brain health, and overall mobility. 

Strength Training

Strength training is an anaerobic activity or exercise. Strength training is the opposite of cardio because it uses resistance exercises that mainly help build muscles. It includes exercises that break down lactose or glucose for energy without depending upon oxygen. Strength training burns calories even after a workout. For this training, you need more energy for a short time. Strength training includes dumbbells, using weight machines, barbells, kettlebells, etc. Strength training makes you physically strong, helps maintain a healthy weight, and improves overall cardiovascular health. This training helps you maintain strong bones and increase your quality of life.

How Do I Decide Between Cardio And Strength Training?

Most people include both cardio and strength training in their whole workout. But everyone has different unique goals, so you may want to focus on others or more. So following guides help you decide when to choose cardio and when strength training or where you need to focus more during gym time. 

Choose Or Join Cardio When

Burn More Calories During Workout 

If you want to burn more calories during the workout, do cardio more. When you are burning calories during a workout, you use energy to power through it. With cardio, you can burn more calories than strength training. For example, studies have proven that if a person does strength training for 30 minutes, he burns 112 calories, and if he does running, he burns 372 calories, and with cycling, he burns 391 calories.

Improve Heart Health And Tolerance

For heart health, cardio is best. Cardio helps keep your heart pumping efficiently and powerfully, especially when you need to be tolerant or patient. When you are doing cardio, your heart rate increases, and you start breathing faster because your body needs high oxygen for your blood. Cardio helps you improve your oxygen use, and blood gets more oxygen. More oxygen allows your heart and lungs to work more efficiently and effectively.

Weight Loss

Cardio is on the top to lose weight faster and burn more and more fat. With the combination of cardio and strength training, you can gain muscles along with burning fat. As we all know, being overweight is not suitable for our body and health so by cardio you can control or burn your fat faster and quicker. 

 Choose Strength Training When

Burn Calories All Day

No doubt cardio helps you burn more and more calories during exercise, but on the other hand, strength training helps you burn calories throughout the day. Strength training helps you build muscle, and that muscle helps you increase resting metabolism. Muscles have the power to burn more calories when you are at rest than fat does. Studies have proven that men can increase 9% resting metabolism with strength training or exercises, and women can increase by 4%. Strength training supports you to lose fat in the long term. Most trainers recommend focusing on strength training for fat loss. 

Prevent Injury

Strength training helps you improve bone density, which affects the strength of the bones. In strength training, if you are lifting dumbbells, your bones become stronger. If you have strong bones, it will help your joints by covering or supporting them and reducing the risk of shoulder or knee arthritis and injuries.

Build Muscles And Look Stronger

Mainly, people do strength training to build their muscles properly and look good and stronger. You can increase your muscles or improve with the help of weight exercises. With cardio exercises like running and cycling, you can improve your leg muscles. However, your whole body will become more muscular with strength exercises. You can become stronger just by doing bodyweight exercises. To get the proper results from the strength exercises or training, you must do strength training simultaneously to put enough pressure or tension on your muscles to grow bigger and bigger day by day. Including both heavy and lightweight in training promotes muscle growth. 

When To Choose Both Cardio And Strength Training?

Reduce Chronic Disease Risk

Cardio and strength training benefit your body to protect from long-term health. For example, cardio helps prevent certain types of cancer and strokes. In addition, strength training helps take away obesity, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

Lose Weight And Gain Muscles

With the combination of both cardio and strength training, you can lose weight quickly, and along with that, gaining muscles is also possible. No doubt doing both take time, but their results are spectacular. 


Both cardio and strength training have their benefits. So choose the perfect one for you according to your needs and requirements. For example, if you only want to control your weight, you may select cardio, or if you want to gain muscles choose strength training. There is also no problem doing both, and it is super beneficial to your body to have a wide variety of exercises!