Ways To Break Out Of A Healthy Food Rut


If an individual has their go-to meals dialed in, it could really simplify cooking healthy at home. Traditional combinations such as kale salad covered with grilled chicken and broccoli with roast salmon might be in the rotation constantly. However, at times, the dinners the individual could prepare with their eyes shut, all of a sudden losing appeal. The individual has fallen into what is considered a healthy food rut. What is more, is that the boredom could have the individual ordering their favorite pepperoni pizza. However, there are other ways that excitement can be brought back to the kitchen.

Try Using A New Grocery Store

Igniting interest in the meals that are being prepared begins with the groceries the individual has in the refrigerator. Things will surely become dull if week after week, the individual takes the same shopping list to the same supermarket. Individuals could become inspired just by changing supermarkets. Or maybe, they might discover their next favorite food item as well. Farmer’s markets have a tendency of offering heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits, which are not easily found in supermarkets. Therefore, these are excellent locations to discover an enjoyable ingredient that might be new to the individual. This could lead to the cooking becoming more invigorating.

Explore International Flavors

The majority of individuals revert to the recipes and flavors of their own cultures and families. It is suggested selecting international cuisine from different regions around the planet that are unfamiliar to the person. Choosing an unfamiliar style of cooking does not have to be daunting. Individuals could sign up for cooking classes for beginners for any of the types they would like to begin learning. There are several of these classes that are now available online. There is also YouTube which provides passionate home cooks an outlet to showcase to the world their personal cooking recipes.

Sign Up For A CSA

A CSA is a community-supported agriculture program and currently, they can be found all over the place. A subscription is normally required to be a member. The individual should sign up prior to the commencement of the growing season. A box of fresh produce is then delivered to them every week from a local farmer in their area. There is no way of knowing what will be in the box for any given week, what is in the box will vary depending on the produce that is in season.

A growing season typically lasts for approximately twelve weeks. During this time the individual will probably receive cooking ideas from other members, become familiar with new recipes. They might also find several new ingredients and never suffer from falling into any of the cooking ruts. It could be a bit scary to receive several items that are not normally on the shopping list, however, it could also be fun and exciting as well.

Mix Up The Greens

During a normal supermarket run, the first thing that goes into the basket is a bunch of kale. This is especially if the individual even has a fleeting interest in nutrition and health. However, the leafy green vegetable world expands far beyond just kale. Individuals are missing out on so much if the only leafy green vegetable being eaten is kale. There is broccoli rabe, dandelion greens, mustard greens, and Swiss chard and collard greens.

This list could go on as all of the leafy greens are loaded with nutrients; however, there is a unique texture and flavor profile that accompanies each leafy green. Classic recipes are available for every single one; however, the majority of them could be consumed raw or cooked. Enjoying as many leafy greens within the kitchen as possible is one of the healthiest options to maintaining interest in the kitchen.

Dust-Off The Library Card

The majority of libraries have entire sections dedicated to books about cooking and food. Take some time out to browse the stacks and borrow the one that really stands out to you. Traditional cooking books will be found; however, there are several other books about food that could get the culinary juices moving. This could help significantly in breaking the healthy food rut. For example, there is The Flavor Bible, which is loaded with information regarding ways of combining different flavors. It details which foods complement each other and taste awesome together. What is more, is that recipes found in books do not necessarily have to be followed word for word.

Try Meal Kits

When the individual is completely out of ideas for making dinner, there is absolutely no shame in ordering a couple of meal kits. There are many brands whose focus is on healthy foods. Not only are services like these take away the headache of shopping, and provide the individual with exactly what is required for the specific meal. They also become a treasure trove of exciting fresh ideas.