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Effects From Overeating Papaya


Papaya is the tasty tropical fruit of the papaya tree. The juicy and fleshy golden yellow papaya is an excellent source of high nutrients and dietary fiber. You can make this fruit your ideal snack because medium-sized papaya includes 20% fiber required in daily life, 120 calories, and more vitamin C than required in a day. Papaya is homegrown in Central and South America. But now it is grown in many countries. Because of their nutrients, you can get many health and beauty benefits from papaya. Most people know their benefits but are not aware of their side effects or disadvantages if they consume them excessively. Here we discuss the side effects or complications of over-eating papaya.

May Cause Constipation Or Diarrhea

No doubt in papaya, the dietary fibers present are natural laxatives that are popular as an effective natural remedy to tackle the problem of constipation and other gastrointestinal problems such as gas bloating, abdominal pain, and flatulence. But the excessive consumption of papaya or fiber may have adverse or opposite effects and increase the risk of diarrhea. So never eat papaya in the situation of diarrhea. Because when we suffer from diarrhea, our body loses essential minerals, a lot of water, and salt. So excess loss of water forces our large intestines to absorb water from the stool. 

May Be Harmful To Pregnant Ladies

The papaya seeds, leaves, and roots can harm the fetus. That’s why most doctors advise pregnant ladies to avoid eating papaya. The components present in papaya may harm specific membranes in the body that are important for fetal development. In addition, papaya contains a high concentration of latex that leads to uterine contractions. So for a healthy and worry-free pregnancy, it’s essential to avoid papaya. 

May Cause Skin Rashes Or Discoloration

Papaya has many beauty benefits, and most women use it on their face as a face pack. Manufacturers use the extract to produce cosmetic products such as face packs, face wash, scrub, and anti-aging creams. So make sure before applying it on your face to do a patch test for your skin safety. Applying papaya on the skin causes damage but also if you overeat papaya that contains beta carotene can lead to discoloration on your skin called carotenemia. The sole of the feet and palm of the hands are affected by carotenemia. Some body areas are also affected by this and can become orange and yellow. So to solve this problem of skin discoloration, reduce the consumption of papaya. 

May Not BE Safe During Breastfeeding

In Asia, most women advise lactating women to add green papaya to the diet to improve their flow of breast milk. But on the other hand, in some regions of the world, women suggest other women avoid eating ripe and unripe papaya in their diet during their breastfeeding period. There is no specific proof that papaya is safe or not during breastfeeding. But enzymes present in the papaya may affect the infant badly, so it is better to avoid eating and if you want to eat papaya, firstly, take advice from your doctor. 

May Cause Gas Or Bloating

Papaya contains nutrients such as vitamin A, C, and fiber which is good for you. But over-eating of papaya or fiber may lead to gas or bloating. The Main problem of gas or bloating occurs when increasing fiber intake daily. This overeating reduces the capacity of bacteria in the large intestines to cut down the fiber. If you face the side effect of gas or bloating, reduce fiber intake today. 

May Cause Respiratory Disorders

Papaya compounds like beta carotene, papain, and vitamin C help improve respiratory health and reduce lung inflammation. But in some people, papain enzymes have become the reason for respiratory problems like wheezing, obstructed breathing, asthma, hay fever, nasal congestion, and strong allergies like burning and itching on lips, ears, throat, and mouth, watery eyes, and swelling on the tongue or face. If you have an allergic condition or asthma problem, please exercise and wear gloves while using papaya and cleaning papaya. 

May Interact With Anticoagulant Or Blood-Thinning Medications

No doubt papaya has the essential nutrients that provide health and beauty benefits to you. But make sure that if you are following any medication, ask your doctor before eating or adding papaya to your diet because papaya may interfere or react with your medication. Especially avoid papaya on anticoagulant medicines (aspirin, warfarin, etc.) because enzymes in it interact with medicines badly and increase the chance of bleeding or bruising. In addition, if you are in blood clotting conditions like thrombosis and hemophilia, you also need to avoid eating papaya. 


No doubt papaya is an excellent fruit with high nutrients. But latex and high fiber may cause side effects to your body when you overeat them. So you must be aware of the side effects of over-eating papaya so you can avoid these side effects. So the first thing you can do from now on is to control the consumption of papaya so that you can save yourself from complications. And if you follow any medication or have any health condition, do not forget to consult with your doctor before eating papaya.