Are Fermented And Pickled Foods Good For You?


With people becoming more concerned about their health and body, there is an arising question about the effect of fermented and pickled food on health and the immune system. Experts are trying to link microorganisms that reside in our digestive system to all health issues, be it obesity or any neurology disease.  According to these experts, naturally pickled and fermented food builds up good bacteria in our body, thus strengthening the immune system. 

Fermentation and preservation of food is an ancient age process. The conventional method boosts the shelf life as well as the nutritional value of food. It also serves as a great source of healthy probiotics, which makes the digestive tract healthier. This aging process builds up more good bacteria and helps get rid of bad bacteria in the long term. It is important to keep in mind that useful probiotics are available in food fermented through the natural process. That is without refrigeration and confused with the artificial ones.

Vinegar and other artificial agents ferment the packed pickle jars that you see in supermarkets. Since these packed foods are not pickled through living organisms, they lack the beneficial probiotics and thus do not give any health benefits. So the next time you go out shopping, buy the jar which has “naturally fermented” words on it to get all of the benefits.

Pickles Are Actual Vegetables

The whole process of fermentation brings a little change in the vegetable or fruit’s nutritional value and balance, but still, they remain vegetable or fruit only. 

Get Some Antioxidants

Fresh and natural fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants. Due to the heating process in cooking, some of the heat-sensitive antioxidants break down. But the nutritional value and balance are not that much affected during the fermentation process. Antioxidants remain preserved through the natural process of fermentation—pickle juice helps in boosting higher amounts of immune-boosting antioxidants C and E.

Helps In Fighting Spleen Cancer

A 2014 study found some old traditional Japanese pickles have probiotics that proved effective in fighting against spleen cancer in mice. Some researchers showed hope that this could help them find some new treatment for human cancer also. 

Keeps Your Blood Sugar Down

Need an easy way to prevent blood sugar level rise? Try combining fermented pickles with each of your meals. The vinegar content in the fermented food helps to avoid blood sugar spikes in your body. It can highly be beneficial for people having diabetes. 

Help Restless Legs

People used pickle juice as a traditional folk remedy for treating diseases like restless leg syndrome. A high level of electrolytes may be the reason for the smoothness of symptoms.  

And Don’t Forget The Probiotics

Probiotics offer many different health benefits, almost everything from better skin to cardiovascular health. But these benefits are provided by the one fermented through salt and water and not with vinegar. Different species are helpful for trillions of microbes that reside in your gut. Remember not to overeat these foods as they are high in sodium; they increase the salt level in your body. 


Well, we all know no single food can be the magic cure for any disease. Pickles are also not magical food. But they do enhance your meal plan with a lot of nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants. Some studies say that consuming pickles and other fermented foods can help you lose weight in the long run, just like apple cider vinegar. The lactic acid present helps in weight control. But these ferments should be consumed in a limit as their high intake would cause high salt intake too! However, it provides many health benefits along with a delicious taste, so do not forget to include it in your regular meal plan.