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7 Science-Based Benefits Of MCT Oil


What is MCT Oil? It is a supplement, that is mostly extracted from coconut oil and because of this has given rise to its popularity. The majority of the fat found in coconuts is derived from MCTs, however, they can also be found in dairy products and palm oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride, which means that due to the shorter length of the chain, these are digested faster and easier than the longer-chain fatty acids that are found in many foods. There are four varieties of MCTs, of these four, capric and caprylic are the two that are commonly used to make MCT oil. Here are the benefits of using an oil such as MCT oil.

Potentially Promote Weight Loss

Studies have varied on this particular topic, however, MCT has proven itself to increase the release of hormones which are known to promote the feeling of being full, these are leptin and peptide YY. Research has provided evidence that people who take at least two tablespoons of MCT oil as part of their breakfast meal, end up consuming less food throughout the day when compared to people that took coconut oil instead. There was also data suggesting that lower levels of triglycerides and glucose were present with the use of MCT oil, this too is the support that it has an influence on if you feel full or not. Furthermore, it reveals that there is a reduction in the waistline measurement and the total body weight. The condition of your gut is also vitally important when it comes to health and weight, MCT oil might be able to activate the growth of good bacteria and support the lining of the gut.

Good Energy Source

The fact that the body will absorb MCTs at a faster rate than the long-chain triglycerides or LCTs means that the body will receive its energy faster. This shorter length also carries the benefit of the MCTs not requiring the use of bile from the gut to break down on their path to the liver, as the liver breaks down fats for fuel or to be stored as body fat, MCTs skips that process and enters the bloodstream immediately providing us with energy.

Reduction Of Lactate Buildup

MCTs can reduce lactate buildup, especially in athletes, and can also assist in the use of fats for energy. Lactate acid levels increase during exercise and may have an adverse impact on the performance of the athlete. A study conducted on cyclists determined that the use of MCTs before a race impacted the cyclist lactate levels by lowering them and they found it easier to exercise than those who took LCTs. Furthermore, the study also found that an increase in fat instead of carbohydrates was used as energy when MCTs were consumed prior to exercise.

Management Of Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, And Epilepsy

In combination with a ketogenic diet, studies have shown that MCTs have worked in the management of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and epilepsy. In Alzheimer’s disease, the disease can impact your brain’s ability to use sugar, because the MCT ketogenic diet will provide the brain with an alternate source of energy in the way of ketones, this could increase the functionality of the brain cells for a longer period. The MCTs may also block a receptor in the brain that is responsible for the loss of memory. To expand, a study conducted on twenty people that suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, revealed that just a single dose of MCT showed improvement in the short term cognition. In Autism, a study determined that out of the fifteen children that were tested, six of them responded positively and showed improvement in behavior when MCT oil was added to their gluten-free diets. Because autism is in fact a spectrum condition and affects each child differently, so too will be the effect of MCT oil. In Epilepsy, research has discovered that fasting promotes the growth of ketones, thereby impacting the frequency of epileptic seizures, as MCTs are converted into ketones, this may prove beneficial to the treatment and management of epilepsy.

Fights Against Yeast And Bacterial Growth

Coconut Oils has been proven to reduce the growth of Candida albicans by a significant percentage, this is a common yeast that is responsible for various skin infections and thrush. As MCTs are derived from coconut oil and are major components, it goes to reason that MCTs like capric, lauric, and caprylic acids have an impact on the fight again yeast and bacterial growth. It has also been proven that MCTs have antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Reduce Factors For Heart Disease

Here is a list of some of the main factors that are responsible for the increase in heart disease, blood pressure, inflammation, high cholesterol, smoking, and body mass index. A study conducting over the course of twenty-nine days on twenty-four men that were overweight showed that by combining MCT oil, flaxseed, and phytosterols, there was more than a twelve percent reduction in the total cholesterol as compared to four percent when olive oil was used. The same study also revealed that there was a decrease in the LDL or bad cholesterol when the MCT oil was included in the mix. MCT can also considerably reduce the C-reactive protein (CRP) which is an important inflammatory marker that triggers the risk of heart disease.

Management Of Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is not left out, as MCT oil can also provide benefits for those who suffer from this disease. It has been proven to increase fat burning rather than fat storage, which is a benefit to the management of diabetes. A study further elaborated, that MCT oil taken on a daily basis showed results of reduction in waist circumference, body weight, and the resistance to insulin, as compared to individuals that were consuming LCTs derived from corn oil. It further indicated that when taking MCT oil, people required thirty percent less sugar to manage their normal sugar levels than those that were taking LCTs.