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Fruits With The Most Water Content


As the body comprises 60% of water, there is no doubt water is essential for our body to function correctly. Water sports a vital role in regulating body temperature, carrying critical nutrients, eliminating harmful toxins, and providing a moist environment for body joints and tissues to function correctly. The most effective way to stay hydrated is by eating fruits and vegetables rich in water content. Fruits are rich in nutrients that provide you with sufficient fluids to keep your body healthy and nourished. Read on to know the additional health benefits of fruits with high water content.


Water Content: 86%

The rich flavorsome taste is an excellent vitamin C source, boosting immunity and fighting against cell damage. It also improves your bone health with its high manganese content. In addition, its high fiber-rich content helps to solve many digestive issues. 


Water Content: 87%

Orange is the favorite fruit for those who work out a lot. The fruit helps in hydrating and energizing your body during workouts. The water content is 87% and has multiple health benefits like improving heart function or lowering cholesterol. Oranges are rich in limonoids which are beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer. Vitamin C present in the fruit helps to enhance your skin health.


Water Content: 89%

The favorite summer hydrating fruit is a perfect addition to your breakfast with its sweet and juicy texture. Peaches are considered to relieve stress and are well known for fighting cardiovascular diseases. In addition, vitamin A and C in peaches are excellent for healthy skin, and the highly fibrous contents help cure digestive issues.  


Water Content: 90%

Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A and C, essential components to boost immunity. It also contains high potassium content, which aids in balancing blood pressure. If you wish to lose weight, this low-calorie fruit is perfect.


Water Content: 91%

Grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. You can enhance the tangy taste by adding some honey or any sweetener. In addition, grapefruit offers plenty of health benefits like it aids in weight loss, balances blood pressure, helps fight cancer and constipation, etc.


Water Content: 91%

If you’re looking to energize yourself after a workout, strawberry drinks are the best. The refreshing red fruit contains 91% water with an abundance of nutrients. Flavonoids, a pigment in strawberries, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C enriched strawberries improve your immunity. Additionally, a high amount of magnesium and vitamin K helps to improve bone health.


Water Content: 92%

Watermelon is the best fruit that comes to mind when looking for refreshing summer fruit. However, watermelon is not just water; and it is full of other nutritional values. For example, its phytonutrient property helps to fight cancer cells effectively. In addition, the rich source of vitamins is good for skin and hair growth. 


Water Content: 96%

Cucumber contains the highest content of water than any other fruit. Cucumber salads or slices quickly rejuvenate the lost energy in the body. Cucumber is beneficial for detoxifying your body by removing toxins from the body. For example, if you are looking to remove dark circles beneath the eyes, put cucumber slices on them, and all the dark circles will fade away within a few weeks. 


Water Content: 83% 

Mangoes are full of beneficial qualities such as antioxidants, aids in digestion, and boosts immunity. Adding on to this, it is also helpful in lowering cholesterol and promoting eye health. 


Water Content: 84%

These tiny berries have rich health benefits, and blueberries help treat cough, cold and act as a natural blood purifier. In addition, they are super beneficial in boosting brain health and are a great source of antioxidants.


Why are you waiting? Please take advantage of seasonal fruits by either having them as salads, healthy snacks or adding them with yogurts, ice cream or smoothies, etc. fruits are the best ways to keep you healthy and satisfy your cravings. Stay hydrated by eating the fruits and veggies above