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8 Ways To Hydrate Without Drinking Water


The significance of water to the diet of an individual is difficult to overstate. With the body of a human being made up of sixty percent H2O, water is crucial. Making hydration a critical part of attaining a happy and healthy life. For those individuals who love drinking water, this is excellent news. However, for individuals that dislike the lack of taste of water, or are just uninterested in it. The intake of an adequate amount of water could be difficult. Certainly, there is no alternative for water and it is crucial to aim for a minimum of two liters each day. However, there are other supplies that could accompany drinking water in a very powerful way.  

Drink Tea

If an individual is seeking to hydrate without having to drink water, an excellent starting point is drinking tea. In view of the fact that tea is technically one hundred percent herb-flavored water, it is an excellent water alternative. Regardless of if it is ginger tea with a splash of lemon or black tea which you prefer, there is something for each person. It is critical to stay clear of adding sugar as it has to dehydrate properties. There is no need to be concerned about the caffeine in tea, as there is no evidence that it causes dehydration. Even though caffeine is rumored to do this, the worst that could happen is more frequent urination.

Drink Coffee

Several individuals will try to convince you that drinking coffee is not good as it could result in dehydration. However, it is not a bad option, as coffee is prepared with that all-important H2O. It is, obviously crucial not to consume too much coffee, as overkill could result in health problems. Issues such as insomnia, upset stomach, and headaches. Similar to tea, there is a rumor that caffeine will dehydrate an individual. There is a chance that there will be more frequent urination, however, it does not equal dehydration.

Drink Milk

Milk is an excellent way to remain hydrated. As a matter of fact, there is confirmation that suggests that milk might be able even more hydrating than water. The reason for this is that milk consists of fats and proteins the body takes a longer time to digest. This means that drinking milk keeps the body hydrated for a longer period of time. If it is hard to consume a glass of milk, employ other methods of incorporating it into the diet. For example, breakfast cereal drowning in milk is an excellent option.

Eat Fruit

Consuming fruit is another great method of increasing the intake of water. There are several fruits which have high contents of water. In particular, watermelon is at the top of the list as it has a water content of ninety-two percent. There are other noticeable fruits as well, such as strawberries, cucumbers, pears, apples, and pineapples. Even though this might appear to be counter-intuitive, even dehydrated fruits could help with hydration. They have a water content of roughly fifteen percent. There are not going to accomplish what fresh fruit can do, however, they are better than nothing.

Eat Vegetables

Fresh vegetables also have a water content that is high. As it relates to vegetables that are hydrating, the best options are celery, squash and bell peppers. In the event the individual is seeking a particular snack for hydrating, they should opt for peanut butter and celery.  It is considered extremely hydrating, healthy and not to mention delicious.

Eat Salad

Not surprisingly taking into account that fruit and vegetables are on the list. A leafy salad is yet another excellent option to hydrate with as leafy greens are mainly water. They can be combined with vegetables for a hydrating, tasty side dish. One of the most hydrating foods is iceberg lettuce, with a water content of ninety-six percent. When adding dressing to the salad be certain not to add those with high contents of sugar. Stay clear of salt as well as both of them could lead to dehydration. Olive oil on its own is an excellent substitute.

Eat Soup

This is a surprise, given the fact that it has a liquid state, therefore they are quite hydrating. Soups which are clear like chicken noodle is considered one of the best. The reason for this is that they have the highest concentration of water. As a rule of thumb, the less hydrating a soup becomes the thicker it is. Fortunately, there a numerous amounts of clear soups just as hydrating as chicken soup, such as cabbage or minestrone soup. Canned soups should be avoided whenever possible, as they have a tendency to be rich in sugar or sodium. In the event that they are no choice but to opt for a canned soup, it is recommended to select the light version.

Eat Apple Sauce

One of the more uncommon options is that of apple sauce. Excellent on the side of a pork chop or even as a standalone snack. It is very hard to locate a food that is as hydrating as apple sauce. Apples are an excellent supply of hydration. Plus, the addition of water in order to make the sauce, it could only get better. In fact, it is quite possible to dash a bit of cinnamon or sugar into the sauce. This would not drastically interrupt the water content or remove any hydrating properties.