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Most Nutritious Subway Sandwiches You Can Buy

Do you feel like Subway sandwiches are basically all just the same? Swap out one kind of cheese for another, and boom; you have a whole new sandwich, or do you? This post is here to tell you that it’s time to start looking beyond the cheese selection and into what makes each sub so different. So grab your wallets and embark on a journey to discover the healthiest meals Subway offers! This post will explore some of the most nutritious Subway sandwiches, making it easy for nutrition-conscious diners to make smart choices without sacrificing taste.

Finding The Nutritional Value Of A Subway Sandwich

Studies have shown that Subway sandwiches can be an excellent option for those looking to eat healthy without compromising taste. And the good news is, finding the nutritional value of a specific Subway sandwich is something that anyone can easily do with a few clicks of their mouse. All it takes is a quick search on the official Subway website or an online app such as MyFitnessPal.

You will find the total nutrition values for calories, fat, protein, and carbs and all of the ingredients used in making your sandwich—including bread and sauces. Understanding and tracking these values can better tailor your diet to help you reach and maintain your health goals.

The Most Nutritious Subway Sandwiches

Rather than searching through the entire menu to find something healthy, here are some of the most nutritious Subway sandwiches you can order. Remember that all nutrition values will vary depending on what ingredients you choose, so double-check the nutrition facts before ordering.

Veggie Delight


The Veggie Delight is one of the healthiest options at Subway, made with a variety of fresh vegetables, including lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, and pickles, all topped with your choice of sauce. This sandwich is low in calories, fiber, and vitamins, making it the perfect choice for a healthy and nutritious meal.

One of the key ingredients in the Veggie Delight is lettuce, an excellent source of vitamins A and K, which are essential for maintaining good vision and strong bones. Spinach, another key ingredient, is packed with vitamins A, C, and K, folate, and iron. Tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, and pickles are all low in calories and high in fiber, which helps keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Oven Roast Chicken


Subway’s Oven Roast Chicken sandwich is the perfect option for those looking to stay healthy while enjoying a delicious meal. Packed with tender, roasted chicken and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and your favorite sauce, this powerhouse of protein will satisfy cravings and provide essential building blocks for muscle tissue. Not to mention its low-fat content makes it excellent if you are monitoring your calorie intake!

This succulent sandwich is made with oven-roasted chicken, packing the perfect combination of robust flavors and natural juices. With an abundance of tender chicken, crisp lettuce, flavorful tomatoes, and your favorite sauce – it’s no surprise that this savory meal is not only a delightful treat but also highly nutritious for anyone looking for healthier dining choices! Furthermore, this cooking method helps cut fat content down compared to other fried options.

Black Forest Ham


The Black Forest Ham sandwich from Subway is another incredibly nutritious option for anyone looking for a meal on the go. Not only is its lean, high-quality ham packed with protein, but it also comes topped with a ton of nutrient-rich fixins. Loaded with something as simple yet nutrient-filled as cucumber and made flavorful with zesty red onion and mustard, there’s no denying that this sandwich provides you with plenty of vitamins and minerals to fuel your day.

Add Swiss cheese and roasted peppers for extra protein and flavor, or customize it to your own dietary needs! No matter which way you slice it, the Black Forest Ham sandwich is one of Subway’s healthiest choices.

Subway Club


The Subway Club has something for everyone; it is one of the most dependable and oldest sandwiches on the popular fast food chain’s menu and is full of various health benefits. The Subway Club contains lean turkey, ham, and roast beef, giving it high protein levels. Moreover, as all of the ingredients used in this sandwich are fresh, every bite tastes better than ever, providing a healthier option compared to other fast food choices.

With the Subway Club sandwich being relatively low in calories and fat, no wonder it is one of the most nutritious options offered at Subway! Furthermore, its unique combination of vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes gives this sandwich some much-needed vitamins and minerals. Additionally, condiments such as mayo or mustard can be added to add creaminess or tanginess to this already delicious meal.

Turkey Breast


Subs sure hit the spot – eating this particular one will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. The turkey breast sandwich is made with lean, natural meat that has been oven-roasted without additional preservatives or fats. It’s always served freshly carved on a nine-grain wheat bread layered with juicy vegetables for an extra crunch and a complete meal. Not only does the turkey breast sandwich contain a decent amount of protein, but it also contains valuable nutrients like iron and niacin, which are essential for achieving a balanced diet.

What’s more, the combination of whole-grain bread with lean meat provides a great balance of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein to fuel an energetic day. Plus, everyone can rest assured that if they’re eating Subway turkey breast sandwiches – no matter what time of day – they’re making a smart decision for their health!

Buffalo Chicken


Subway makes their sandwiches with the freshest ingredients, which doesn’t get much better than the ever-popular Buffalo Chicken sandwich. Packed with protein and fewer calories, the Buffalo Chicken is a winner in nutrition and flavor. Elevated by lettuce, tomatoes, and hearty chunks of chicken, Subway’s iconic sandwich truly stands out among other fast food choices for its nourishing content.

But the creamy buffalo sauce draped over these flavors really sets this delicious classic apart from every other sandwich on Subway’s menu! With its customizable options, this spicy delight is guaranteed to satisfy all types of cravings – both nutritional and taste-related.

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich from Subway has become one of the establishment’s most popular items. While there may be something special about this flavor combination that makes many Subway patrons happy, there is another factor to consider why this sandwich is so beloved: the health benefits. The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki includes fresh, lean chicken breast and garden vegetables like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and olives.

It’s clear to see why this sandwich is so popular! This combination gives you a nutritional powerhouse that provides an array of vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Furthermore, it’s low in fat and calories while still incredibly filling and delicious – making it an excellent option for anyone who wants great taste without sacrificing health.

Enjoy These Nutritious Subway Sandwiches Guilt Free!

Subway is a great place to find healthy and flavorful fast food options. From its Subway Club sandwich to the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant. No matter what you’re craving, Subway has the perfect item with health benefits! With such a wide variety of tasty options, finding nutritious Subway sandwiches that are also delicious is easier than you think. So the next time you’re looking for something to satisfy your appetite, stop by Subway and enjoy a sandwich!