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Healthiest To Least Healthy Coffee


From waking up in the morning to going out on a date with someone, coffee is a life-saver. But did you know how many types of coffee are available in the market? And how many types of coffee beans are good for you? 

If you are on a healthy kick, you should know what you include in your diet. Here is the list of coffee beans from the most beneficial to the least healthy coffee beans. 

Black Coffee, Espresso or Americano

Black Coffee is the best and the healthiest, compared to the other refined coffee beans. An espresso is straight-up, and an Americano is diluted in hot or cold water and is beneficial for average coffee drinkers. But if not taken in the right amount, it will increase your cholesterol levels. 

The main difference between coffee and espresso is that the latter is grounded more finely and contains less caffeine. This is because people often drink coffee. Approximately an ounce of espresso has 65 milligrams of caffeine, whereas an ounce of coffee contains less than 18 milligrams of caffeine. This means you are more likely to consume a higher percentage of caffeine in a regular coffee than a matcha latte. 


Macchiato is an espresso that is with very little foamed milk on the top. Machito is as healthy as coffee and indirectly depends on the quality of the milk used in it. Using soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk is preferably healthier than using whole milk. 


A cappuccino is considered to be less healthy than macchiato and espresso as it contains one-third of espresso, one-third of frothed milk, and one-third of milk. The extra amount of milk makes it more fattening and increases its calorie percentage. However, using soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk is advised to have fewer calories, fat, and no carcinogenic caseins, which constitutes whole natural milk. 

Also, note that plant-based estrogens present in soy milk are much healthier than animal-based estrogens present in cow milk. 

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a mixture of hot coffee, Irish whisky, and brown sugar. Adding alcohol to coffee is not recommended, but adding it in a minimal amount has proven health benefits. It also has lower milk content. 

Flat Milk

Flat milk has a higher percentage of milk and a lesser rate of coffee, and that’s the main reason it’s called flat milk. However, it still has less milk content than a latte. 


A latte is typically milk mixed with espresso. Latte contains more milk than all the drinks listed above. Latte also includes the most amount of sugar and calories that are not suitable for your body, especially on a strict diet. 


Mochaccino is basically like chocolate milk with coffee. It’s essentially chocolate flavored coffee and contains high amounts of milk, sugar, and calories. 


Frappuccino is a trademark of Starbucks. It consists of ice-blended coffee with milk and tons of sugar and whipped cream and foam. The extra added sugar content and saturated fat make it extraordinarily unhealthy and fattening. 

Iced Mocha 

Iced mocha is just like frappuccino, and it contains tons of sugar and milk with lots of calories and saturated fat. Consuming it can cause obesity, accumulation of fat and also lead to high cholesterol. 

What Is A Healthy Coffee Serve? 

It’s not only essential to know the nutritional facts about coffee, but knowing the right amount to intake on a day-to-day basis is also necessary. The best quality coffee with the best nutritional facts every day might still harm your body. However, drinking the least healthy coffee a week would not harm your health. We also need to consider the positive and negative effects of caffeine consumption to check our health. 

Drinking coffee in a limited way would cheer your mood and help you concentrate. It will make you alert and will also benefit cognitive function. Whereas consuming caffeine in a heavy amount will give you anxiety and stress, it will also act as a mild diuretic, and it will also ruin your sleep schedule. 

What Is The Impact Of Milk? 

All the abovementioned coffee nutrition rankings are on the amount of milk and sugar in them, which depends on the milk’s quality and the source. So if you are on a strict diet, then choosing plant-based milk will help you cut down on calories and saturated fats, soy-milk is not as rich in calcium as cow’s milk, yet it is the best for your diet and is also eco-friendly. 


If you want to adopt better eating habits, then cutting out sugary coffee would be a good start. There are other ways to enjoy coffee without a lot of milk and sugar. Nitro brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular, and many enjoy it with a bit of alternative milk or sweet cream foam. Try to avoid added sugars and substitute for honey. Coffee shops are notorious for adding too much sugar, so never feel shy to ask for half sweetness or specific pump amounts of flavoring.