Healthiest Nuts And Their Benefits


These days dieticians are getting crazy about the healthiest nuts and their benefits. Nuts are very readily available and serve as one of the best options for snacking. They are filled with energy and many nutrients like vitamins, essential fats, fiber, and proteins. You can quickly cure many of your diseases while consuming the right nuts that work specifically for a particular treatment. 

Research has shown that nuts can help reduce the risks of severe heart diseases. Nuts seemingly look of little significance, but they can prove very useful in curing diseases in the long term. Below we have made a list that includes some of the most healthy nuts with their benefits.


The current population of the U.S. has been increasingly diagnosed with cases of cholesterol. Eating almonds can make a lot of difference and help you maintain your body’s proper cholesterol balance. Almonds reduce bad cholesterol, namely LDL and oxidized cholesterol. These all features combine to make almonds categorized as one of the healthiest nuts. A small bowl of almonds contains about 161 calories in total. Almonds have also been marked to reduce the blood pressure in obese people. Besides reducing the risks of obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure, almonds are also very beneficial in promoting gut health by increasing the gut’s good bacterias. Many gut bacterias like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria increase with regular consumption of almonds.


Having cashew as an option in your diet can help maintain good health and stimulate your body’s proper blood pressure. A small cashew bowl has 155 calories and has no significant effect on increasing body weight and blood sugar levels. Cashews are very helpful in lowering the calorie intake and can also make you feel fuller.


Hazelnuts have many benefits, but hazelnut’s most important and significant use is seen on the heart. Hazelnuts are very much useful in preventing major heart diseases. Other than reducing heart diseases, hazelnuts lower triglyceride levels, and inflammation in one’s body. Hazelnuts are an excellent source of vitamin-E and can help you decrease the bad cholesterol in your body. Reducing bad cholesterol helps you have a proper circulatory system, regulating the body’s adequate blood flow.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have their origin from the trees of the Amazon. These nuts are sufficiently rich in selenium content. Selenium is one of the minerals that can help prevent cancer as it is very rich in antioxidants.  A small bowl full of brazil nuts provides the total required amount of selenium you need to intake per day. Many diseases like cancer can be easily prevented by daily consuming the minimum amount of brazil nuts. 


Walnuts make an excellent and rich source of omega-three fatty acids. Walnuts help prevent cardiac arrests because they remove the blood’s bad cholesterol, making the blood flow to the heart much more comfortable than before. These also reduce severe inflammation. Many diseases can be kept away by regularly consuming walnuts. These are mainly given to teenagers and older adults to keep their brain healthy and sharp. 


These nuts are very high in fiber. Like other previously mentioned nuts, pistachios also help improve the blood cholesterol level and reduce the risks of cardiac diseases and arrests. It is also an excellent antioxidant, and it improves oxidative status and calorie level. Many dieticians recommend this to overweight people as pistachios are also very helpful in maintaining a proper weight. 


Next time you’re looking for a snack, skip the chips and eat some nuts. They all provide energy and are so much healthier for you. You can finally feel good about snacking, knowing most of these nuts lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, help with heart disease, and contain many vitamins and nutrients