Deadly Foods Consumed Around The World


It is quite understandable when people are unable to say no thank you to very delicious and tasty junk food. However, would anyone be able to explain why many individuals eat food that has an awful smell and a weird taste? Or even why some people eat dishes that are made from ingredients that are very dangerous? There are just some traditions in cuisine that are very difficult to explain. Below you will find some products that are consumed in places all over the planet that are dangerously deadly.


On the surface, the carambola appears to be good for the health of an individual and even harmless as it consists of loads of vitamin C. However, individuals that suffer from gastritis or have an ulcer should stay clear of eating this gorgeous fruit as it contains a large amount of oxalic acid. Individuals that are considered to be healthy should also be attentive due to the fact that it might result in kidney issues if eaten too often.


Feseekh is an Egyptian delicacy of fermented mullet fish that has a very foul scent. For centuries after the flooding of the Nile, there was a vast amount of dead fish on the banks of the river. In the present day, feseekh has risen to the status of a traditional dish that is eaten on the national holiday of Sham el-Nessim. The government officials in the Ministry of Health continue to warn the people against consuming such a deadly fish, but the love for the traditions and the culture is very strong.


In African and Asian cuisine, the giant bullfrog is considered a delicacy, in particular, the legs of the frog. When the bullfrog is cooked correctly, the meal is not dangerous at all. However, individuals need to bear in mind that the skin of the frog and the internal organs are very poisonous. There have been reports of fatalities due to the mixing of the bullfrog with other frogs that are also poisonous.


Fugu is a dish prepared by using the fish referred to as Tiger Puffer or Blowfish and consists of large quantities of poison known as tetrodotoxin. Special training is required for chefs to be able to prepare it properly and to be capable of removing the sections of the fish that are poisonous. However, this does not provide assurance that the dish would not be deadly. Each year several individuals die from fugu poisoning in the Japanese region.

Casu Marzu

The name literally translated from the Sardinian language means rotten cheese and believe it or not, this is precisely what it is. Cheese fly maggots appear to add a bit of extra spice and a taste that is amazing. However, consuming this could result in allergic reactions, larvae infection, and food poisoning.

Pangium Edule

Keluak or pangium edule as it is commonly known is neither a nut nor a fruit. As a matter of fact, it is the seed of the kelukak tree that is vastly used in cuisine across South Asia, even though the seeds consist of hydrogen cyanide. Individuals are able to eat them but only after they have been boiled without the shells and then buried in banana leaves and ash for forty days. It is only after this very complicated preparation process that the pangium edule is safe to be eaten, the taste is one that is special.

Crow Meat Pie

In some regions in Lithuania, it is not uncommon to eat crow meat pie, and males are also encouraged to eat it to enhance their sexual potency. The Lithuanian government officials within the Soviet Union attempted to put a ban on the tradition due to the fact that consuming the meat from natural scavengers could be dangerous to one’s health. However, the possibility of infections does not appear to bother individuals. The tradition of eating crow meat pie is still very popular in the region as documented by National Geographic.

Raw Blood Soup

Within the Vietnamese culture, the cooking of soups using goose or duck blood is widely used. It is believed that both the individuals that eat the soup and the chef that prepares it will be strengthened because of it. The danger of consuming this meal is very obvious: bird flu virus and several other diseases. However, this does not phase the bloody soup lovers.

Brown Roll-Rim

This is a very dangerous and poisonous mushroom; however, these bad features are not very obvious. It confuses many individuals who continually gather them up from within forests. Preparing the mushrooms by cooking them fails to remove or even reduce any toxicity, plus the poison builds up in the human body. The toxins could result in deadly damage to the kidneys and liver.


This delicacy is from the indigenous people in the Arctic region. It is made from walrus that have been fermented or deer meat that has been fermented. However, only persons that have been eating this meal from their childhood can continue to do so without it resulting in any harmful consequences. The process of fermenting activates poison that results in illnesses and death due to botulism.

Ackee Fruit

This is a fruit from Jamaica. It is actually the national fruit of this country. It is considered highly poisonous. The ackee fruit consists of toxins known as hypoglycin A and hypoglycin B. The actual flesh of the ackee fruit is edible, however, it is the seed that is harmful. Consuming the fruit could ultimately result in Jamaican vomiting disease.

Bat Soup

Bats are a huge part of the tradition in Asian cuisine. They are quite often referred to as the chicken of the cave. Chefs are known to throw an entire bat into the bowl of soup and just serve it. Meat from a bat is considered to be very delicious and has healing properties. As a matter of fact, bats actually carry diseases, therefore, it is not recommended to eat this soup.