Best Snack Foods To Eat For A Longer Life

Although there are many store-bought healthy snacks available in the market, nothing can beat the fresh and quick D.I.Y. snack from your kitchen. As most of us don’t get time to think about health and what something is as fast as possible, getting a handful of snacks will be life-changing. Doing this can shrink the waistline when avoiding overeating by munching on those low-calorie snacks between the meals.

Monkey Toast

Cover a slice of toasted wheat bread using banana slices and peanut butter. Top with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds for extra fiber.

Avocado Cracker

Layer a multigrain cracker with an avocado. You can add a ¼-inch thick romano tomato or a slice of plum. Sprinkle it with pepper and salt.

Hummus & Veggies

Utilizing a small jar for hummus is excellent for improving portion control—and also creating healthy snacks. Divide up the portioned servings of dip fiber-rich vegetables and hummus into that protein-packed puree. Together, the combo makes a fantastic flat-belly-friendly bite.

Yogurt And Berries

Mix slightly-frozen or fresh berries with Greek yogurt. Then sprinkle with carob pieces for indulgence.

Oat & Date Energy Bites

Composed of healthy fats such as nuts and paired with carbs from oats and dates, you’ll require one or two to feel full. Pulse oats, nuts, and dates in the blender until it becomes a paste. Season it using some salt if you want and roll it into balls. 

Spiced Nuts

This snack is a combination of nuts—cashews, almonds, pecans, peanuts —with black pepper, chili powder, and some cayenne. Roast it in at 400° F for almost 10 minutes, until toasty and warm. 

Veggie-Tuna Bites

For this, you will use olives, pepper, mayo, Dijon mustard, whole-white-based cracker, and salt. Combine the can of tuna using shredded carrots, cucumber, pickles, olives, a touch of mayo, Dijon mustard, and season it with pepper and salt. Use Wheat Thins, Chips, or Triscuits for scooping.

Chocolate And Walnut-Covered Banana Bites

The frozen chocolate-covered banana bites are ideal for keeping in the freezer for snacking during a hot day or a couple of hours after having dinner. Slice the bananas into 1-inch slices. Microwave coconut oil (it can help thin out the chocolate) and chocolate together until it’s melted and smooth. Chop up the walnuts and then lay them out on a plate. Skewer the bananas using a toothpick, and set up the workflow: dunk bananas into chocolate, let them drip as much as possible, and roll in the walnuts. 

Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Stuff bottled peppers or cherry peppers with soft goat cheese or mini fresh mozzarella balls.

D.I.Y. Trail Mix

Combine 1 cup cashew, almonds, and walnuts with half cup sunflower seeds and more than one cup of dried fruit: prunes, raisins, apples, apricots, or/and banana chips.

Ants On A Log

Slather celery with chunky or smooth peanut butter and add some raisins to the top.

Fruit And Nuts

Snacking doesn’t need to be a big thing. Grab a tangerine, a banana, or a handful of nuts, and feel satisfied that you didn’t stress over different food choices.

Cheese & Crackers

If you want to lose weight, pair them low-fat cheeses with high-fiber crackers, and feel full for many hours.

Olives & Cheese

Use manchego, green olives, or any other aged cheese. For a low-carb, high-protein snack, pair olives with the hard, aged cheese.

Bean Dip

Fill the base of an oven-safe bowl with low-fat refried beans or bean dip. Top this using scallion, salsa, and a skinny layer of cheese. Bake this until the cheese melts; after that, crown using the diced pickled jalapenos. Serve with black bean chips or toasted pita.

Watermelon Skewers

Thread parts of cherry tomatoes, watermelon, slices of fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves on wooden skewers.

Simple And Savory Cheese Dip

Place 2-3 ounces of goat cheese in a little glass baking dish. Add a drizzle of olive oil, fresh herbs, chopped garlic, and black pepper. Bake till the cheese bubbles and enjoy beside warm pita bread.

Tomato Bruschetta

Nothing is better than the insanely delicious Italian feast. Just chop up some tomatoes — try removing as many juices and seeds as possible, so toppings do not get too wet — throw some finely chopped pepper, garlic, salt, basil, and some balsamic. Refrigerate while you grill and break the bite-sized portions of fiber-rich bread. 

Salmon And Cucumber Roll-Ups

This snack uses herb-goat cheese, cucumber, and salmon. This fancy yet easy combination can create a crunchy, creamy finger food that is irresistible. Roll up three of them together to make a protein-packed snack.

Spinach Quiche Cups

Whisk together some eggs as if you are making a scramble. Toss in sauteed mushrooms and spinach; add cheese if you want. Evenly divide the mixture between muffin cups. Bake that for almost 20 mins, at 375 degrees F, or until it gets set and nothing sticks after inserting using a toothpick.


It turns out that the secret to living longer isn’t a mystery at all. According to the most important study on longevity, making it happily and healthily to old age needs several lifestyle habits:

  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Not smoking
  • Eating the right foods.
  • Having an active social life
  • Getting exercise

Although you have to maintain all of these habits to reap all benefits of longevity, nothing is denying that what you are eating has a significant role beyond how it can affect the waistline.