Best Food Charities To Donate To At Anytime


On the first of December, this year was Giving Tuesday, a generosity movement that was created back in 2012 and has now reached global recognition. It implores people across the world to give back to anyone who is in dire need. There has never been another year to do so than this year in our lifetime, where more families than ever now find themselves in severe need of help from others as the COVID-19 contagion, along with relentless natural disasters wreak havoc on the planet’s hunger crisis. 2019 saw more than 820 million people without anything to eat and believe it or not this number continues to grow. This article will highlight organizations that you are able to donate to not just for Giving Day but any day of the year, as people need your support all year round.

Feeding America

This is one of the biggest hunger-relief organization in the whole world, it delivers meals to those that need through a widespread network of countrywide food banks. Each year, the program is responsible for more than 4.3 billion meals to those people that are facing hunger. This year an anonymous donor announced a challenge match that for the initial $200,000 raised, this will account for more than two million extra meals. What is more, is that your contribution can go much further.

Meals On Wheels

The current average life expectancy is seventy-nine years old, as advances in technology continue to improve, the life expectancy also continues to rise. However, this extraordinarily high lifespan translates to rising numbers of elderly individuals being left-back and being besieged with food security. Furthermore, the aging adult population has been particularly susceptible to the coronavirus pandemic, plus much more are in constant need of additional assistance than normal. Meals on Wheels make available healthy food choices for senior citizens struggling to place food on their table regularly and safely. Persons are reached in senior centers and as well as their homes by Meals on Wheels.

No Kid Hungry

The insecurity of food for children has also been impacted by the pandemic. As the entire country’s educational system turned to online learning, many children have that one reliable source of a daily meal, that is, the one they received at school. No Kid Hungry is vigorously working to make certain that children that depended on the school meals do not end up hungry in the months to come.

Frontline Foods

The major purpose of Frontline Foods is to ensure that essential front line workers are fed, such as first responders and healthcare workers, who are attending to the coronavirus infected, with various meals from restaurants in the local areas. In the relatively short time of operation, this organization has already supplied in excess of 550.000 meals. In addition to your contribution working towards feeding the front line workers during this pandemic, it is also assisting in ensuring that restaurants in your local area remain afloat during these times. During the summer Frontline Foods, partnered with World Central Kitchen to expand its reach of providing for those in need of a meal.

Your Local Food Pantry

Many times the emphasis is on the large-scale hunger relief organizations, so much so that the smaller local outfits are forgotten, yet their impact is as significant as that of the larger ones. You can also enhance that impact by contributing to your local food bank. Here, you can offer monetary donations, also you can provide items directly to the pantry like canned goods and other non-perishables. You are able to locate the one near you by visiting the Ample Harvest database and typing in your zip code.

The Hunger Project

In 1977 this organization was founded, it endeavors to bring an end to world hunger via advocacy campaigns and public education. The world’s hunger issues are tackled at the roots level, providing access to food and education. Their target areas are low and middle-income countries in South Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

World Central Kitchen

Jose Andres, a professional chef, and his wife Patricia have been combatting the issues of poverty and hunger after natural disasters, and for this year the COVID-19 pandemic, via the organization, they have started World Central Kitchen.

Food Recovery Network

This organization encourages young people to fully take control of the future. It is a national nonprofit organization that gets university and college students together around the collective goal of combatting hunger and food wastage. Donations of perishable foods from on campus is allocated towards the network, this makes a considerable impact among local communities.

The Okra Project

This is a cooperative that aims to tackle the worldwide crisis confronted by Black Trans people. The collective does this by delivering culturally specific, home-cooked, and healthy meals and resources to Black Trans People anywhere they can be reached. Your contribution will be guided toward paying chefs that go into these homes, with groceries and cook them healthy meals.

Slice Out Hunger

This group works with pizzerias from all over the nation to help raise funds for American hunger reprieve initiatives. They will organize events such as one-dollar pizza parties, which has become a yearly campaign that raises hundreds of dollars. Plus, Slice Out Hunger, has recently launched a Pizza vs. Pandemic initiative that supplies pizza to essential frontline workers. This organization is notorious for providing resources and support where they are required the most, regardless if it is at a homeless shelter during the coldest months of winter or on the ground after a Hurricane.