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8 Foods That Will Completely Change Your Skin


The skin of a human being is the largest organ and by far the most important. The difficult job of the skin is to filter harmful toxins that people come into contact with on a daily basis. Ultra Violet rays, secondhand smoke, and smog are just a few examples of what the skin has to contend with each day. The skin also has the job of holding moisture in your body so that dehydration does not set in. It also plays a vital role in protecting your organs and blood from germs so that you remain healthy, and if by chance you bump into something the skin protects your muscles and bones from serious damage, this also includes if you stay out in the sun for extended periods of time.

Maintaining the care of your skin will result not only in good health but also in enhancing the glow of your skin as well. Following are some foods that do wonders for the skin when you incorporate them into your daily eating schedule. Amazement will occur when you look at your skin after incorporating these foods into your daily meal schedules.


These tasty fruits are filled with antioxidants, for example, beta carotene and lutein, these help the skin to become softer and keeps it appearing supple. It can be blended with garlic and orange juice to make a nice healthy salad dressing, to make an easy dip you can add some cilantro and cumin. Add it to a plant-based alfredo to create a creamy sauce.


The high amount of tannins and the rich vitamin content in pomegranates encourages overall health; they stimulate smooth skin that is the fine line free. Pomegranate juice is delicious especially when mixed with greens. The juice can be enjoyed blended into smoothies or just by itself. You can also include the seeds of the fruit in salads as well.


The B vitamins that are found in walnuts act as a natural anti-aging instrument that aids in skincare. You can count on the oils from the nut to work as a moisturizer as well. Rub yourself down by adding a little into the palm of your hands or unto a cotton ball. Walnuts can also be added to tacos to make an anti-aging meal by mixing the nuts with garlic, cumin, lemon juice, and a pinch of soy sauce in a food processor. They can also be combined into cooked or raw soup for a delicious meal.


The lycopene found in tomatoes is an excellent compound to ensure that your skin remains protected from sunburn or damage and stays smooth and looking young as you continue to age. For the lycopene to be activated, the tomatoes should be cooked a little. You can bake them to then mix into a lovely tomato hummus or simmer to make a soup. Fire roasting some tomatoes will take your salsa to another level.


Kale is rich in antioxidants which are great for skincare, however, it is the vitamin A that is also found in kale that really endorses the proper skin cell growth and assists in the maintenance of your skin continuing to look renewed and alive. In a bath of lemon juice, you can wilt your kale, adding some garlic salt and some jerk seasoning for an awesome side dish, or you can even juice it with fruits, or blend it into a smoothie.


The natural skin rejuvenator and moisturizer, vitamin E is found in large quantities in the nutrient-rich kiwi. The kiwi is also a great source of dietary fiber which helps remove dangerous toxins from within the body. Kiwis can be juiced and add to a fruit salad, they can also be diced and placed on top of the salad. It is also excellent when paired with strawberries and whipped cream, coconut flavored, for your desserts.


Pumpkin chips that are dehydrated are the best for a great afternoon snack. Pumpkins that are bright in color have it all, they are packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. With regards to pumpkins doing good to the health of your skin, there are a set of major players that take responsibility for this, like vitamin A, vitamin E, and potassium. Pumpkin is most popular in pie form but it can also be made into pasta dishes by spiraling it or into dips and soups when pureed.

Bell Peppers

There is loads of vitamin C in Bell peppers which is known to fights against free radicals and maintain the skin in its youthful state. Bell peppers also contain anti-inflammatory properties which aid in keeping you from being bloated, and this is always a plus. Bell peppers can be used as crudités and combined with hummus or in a roasted sweet pepper dip. Another favorite is stuffed Bell peppers, the stuffing can be wild rice, quinoa, or just stuffing.