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7 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks By Calories


After having one of those days, it is very understandable why individuals would prefer to end the day kicking back with a nice hard one. However, although there is definitely no shame in that, it is very easy to overlook the number of liquid calories in the drink you are consuming. Regrettably, these calories can add up quickly, in particular, if you are an avid drinker. Before you realize it, you have already disrupted the healthy eating plan that you had set up for yourself. Alcohol does not provide any nutritional value or does it satisfy your hunger or thirst, so the calories contained in the alcohol you consume are normally added to all the other things that you are drinking and eating.

Even though some of the alcoholic beverages contain a reasonable number of calories all on their own, the major concern is all of them are mixers. Most of the mixers that are combined with alcoholic drinks contain high amounts of sugar and do not provide any nutritional value. The good news is that there is no need to switch the chardonnay for a seltzer whenever you feel the need to celebrate. Simply make wiser choices as it relates to selecting what you will drink. In order to reduce the calories, all you need is to adjust the ratios of ingredients, try using sparkling water or more ice, these have no calories and using fresh fruit juice that have no added sugars to top your drinks off. Bearing this in mind, here are a few of the alcoholic drinks with the lowest calorie count being served up.


Calorie Count: 95

Margaritas are considered calorie bombs, this is all thanks to the use of loads of sugar and triple sec. Pre-made mixers may also be of concern because of the high content of sugar. In order to circumvent this, it is recommended that you use lime juice that is fresh, tequila, and a splash of agave syrup all on the rocks, this will reduce the sugar count and keep the calories to a minimum. It is also recommended that if you wanted to add some nutritional benefit to the drink, you can add mango, avocado, and orange juice for a huge dose of essential minerals and vitamins, which assist in the fight against cancer and wrinkles.  

Gin and Seltzer

Calorie Count: 97

This is a very classic drink; however, it can carry with it 142 calories per serving. The reason for this is that tonic water usually contains high fructose corn syrup, which is the very same sweetener that is used in cola, should mention here that a twelve-ounce can of tonic water contains as much as eight teaspoon s of additional sugar. Adding seltzer to your cocktail is usually a great idea as it provides no additional calories and zero grams of sugar. A gin and seltzer allow you to receive the same awesome bubbly sensation and gin taste without all that added calories.

Red Wine

Calorie Count: 125

We all are aware by now that small quantities of alcohol which includes red wine, can be included in your healthy lifestyle. However, you would be sabotaging your own health if you are heavy-handed with the pouring. It is very easy and way too common to be drinking too much of this alcoholic beverage. However, trying to stick to the recommended serving size of 5 ounces and having just one glass of wine in a single sitting will assist in keeping the down the calorie count. Choose dry varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, Sangiovese, and pinot noir which are excellent options in terms of lower calories and sugar.


Calorie Count: 120

Portion size matters here as like red wine. Usually, a classic gin or vodka martini is roughly 120 calories, however, this number represents only a single shot of alcohol and approximately one-third of an ounce of vermouth. Even though martinis are infamously strong, it is suggested that this not necessarily a bad thing as it relates to calories. Having to sip on such a strong mixer would probably encourage persons to drink slower than if it was a sweeter beverage that contains syrup or juice. If you need to have added flavor, it is suggested that adding a little twist of lemon will infuse a citrus taste, or you can make it dirty by including a dash of olive juice, this would only be an additional five calories or so.

White Wine

Calorie Count 121

A nice glass of chilled white wine could be very refreshing especially during a hectic day or time of year, however, you should select the type you drink very carefully. Drier white wines, like pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc, have a tendency to be lower in sugar content, which means fewer calories. Varieties such as Riesling which are sweeter have a calorie count that is closer to 165 per serving. Here again, the size of the serving is vital. You should aim for five ounces which is considerably less than most people pour for themselves.


Calorie Count: 100

In a study of more than 70,000 females, researchers discovered that those that consumed moderate quantities of beer displayed lower blood pressure than those that drank spirits and wines. Beer is usually considered a serious bloat booster, although true, they contain numerous B vitamins. A twelve-ounce serving of light beer contains more magnesium, calcium, and selenium, which is a chief antioxidant, than the same serving of wine. The regular beer will contain more than 165 calories per twelve ounces. A majority of the beers do not list the calorie count on the labels, so you will need to select a light beer that has an alcohol by volume of four, this will ensure that you are getting roughly 100 calories per twelve-ounce serving.

Vodka Soda

Calorie Count: 97

This might be considered basic, however, a vodka soda could be one of the healthiest options if you really need to consume hard alcohol. Just combining a shot of vodka with seltzer will reduce the calorie count and the likelihood of an awful hangover. Club soda and soda water are calorie-free as they are simply bubbly water, they also make great cocktail mixers due to the fact they hydrate and contain no added sugar or artificial sweetener.