What to Cook with Your Kids Amid Coronavirus Lockdown


The current times are extremely stressful, given the recent coronavirus outbreak that has taken an absolute toll on the entire world.
The world-wide lockdown, in particular, has made things tough for a lot of people, especially those who have agitated and bored kids at home.

Since school-going children are all house-bound and can’t even go out to play, most of them end up annoying their parents and turning the whole upside down. However, for all the parents out there, you can effectively keep your kids busy and distracted by involving them in the kitchen and cooking fun, creative things with them.

An important thing to bear in mind when working with kids is that whatever you do, it should be exciting, fun, and fascinating so that it keeps their minds occupied for hours. Here are some delicious and entertaining cooking ideas that you can follow with your kids amid the coronavirus lockdown.

1. Potato Smileys

Making simple French fries isn’t as interesting as making potato smileys!
The smileys will put a huge smile on your kids’ faces, and they will thoroughly enjoy the process. The best part? They get to it with ketchup or their favorite sauce and have a great potato feast! To keep them busy, you can teach them how to make the smiley faces on potato slices with the help of a straw, which will also make things easy for you.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s probably not a single kid in the world that doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies.
This is the ultimate thing to make with your children; not only are cookies super easy to make, but the fact that your kids can decorate the cookies as per their liking is what they’ll really enjoy.

3. Pizza

This is yet another favorite food of most kids, and a great thing about making pizza with your children is that you can assign different tasks to each child.
If you have more than one kid, one of them can apply a layer of sauce on the pizza dough, the other can sprinkle cheese and vegetables, and so on.

4. Cupcakes or Brownies

Just like cookies, making cupcakes or brownies is another thing that children will most definitely find fun and exciting. Aside from the whole baking process, you can make different kinds of sauces and toppings, and you can get your children to decorate each cupcake with sprinkles, smarties, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and other such things.

5. Noodles

Most kids are die-hard noodles fans, and they’ll also probably enjoy cooking it with you. Different noodle toppings to a variety of sauces, there’s so much you can do here to keep your kids busy and have a ball in the kitchen!

These are trying times for sure, but as we all keep praying for betterment, no one should give up or become hopeless.
Try these cooking ideas with your children, and make sure to cook one thing daily in order to not only turn them into cute little master-chefs but also have fun and keep them busy.