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Top Rated Tips For Efficient Cooking


Cooking a meal is typically a race against time to bring dinner to the table. Efficient cooking methods provide you with sufficient time in hand and peace of mind. In addition, you can leisurely prepare food while sipping your favorite drink and listening to music if you skillfully manage the preparing food.

Cooking is therapeutic, and it is all about preparing healthy and tasty soul-stirring foods that nourish the body and mind. However, it takes immense effort to cook. No one can adequately function without food, even for a single day. The imperative is to be efficient and well managed to serve all three meals timely and creatively, especially when you have to cook fast in the morning, as that’s the busiest time of the day. Time management with skillful techniques is much needed to be efficient in the kitchen. 

There are a couple of hacks and shortcuts to prepare, cook and clean a bit faster. Some time-saving practices are below. 

Take One Minute And Plan What You Want To Cook

Keep looking at the opportunities to prepare things as something else is cooking. Taking one minute to plan what you are about to do makes a substantial difference in the overall process of cooking. If you plan to cook multiple dishes, you can choose from the dishes that take the longest time to cook and the precise manner. Mental preparation in advance gives you a lot of time and peace as you do things comfortably and do not hurry.

Set Up Equipment And Heat The Oven

Oven recipes mostly start with having you heat the oven for a reason. Preheating the oven before you even keep food out is a better idea. Convection will help you speed things up, and you can always switch it back to conventional bake as it is heated.

Put Water Immediately To Boil

Once you make up your mind for the dish you want to cook, the first thing is to get the pot of water for steaming or boiling onto the stove quickly. Now utilize this time to prep the dish as it’s heating up. Keep a lid on it to make the boiling or steaming process faster. Lids are a great time savior. An electric kettle is a handy kitchen appliance to boil water. It saves a lot of time in your cooking process and is convenient.

Load The Pan With Ingredients Together



Try taking a big bowl or a rimmed baking sheet to the refrigerator and loading it up, so you make fewer trips. But, of course, the best part of keeping all ingredients together is you will not miss anything or search around halfway through cooking.

Clean Your Produce Efficiently

Proper cleaning and trimming your product is a must, like cutting up the lettuce, topping off the root vegetables, and washing it later. It implies that there are not many things to wash, and you can rinse whatever you require at one time. Taking all the items in a colander for rinsing can reduce water consumption.

Chalk Out Your Prepping Order And Multitask

Well-written recipes list elements in the order they are used and are an excellent guide for preparing the dishes. Those new to cooking should prepare everything beforehand to completely concentrate on cooking, though more experienced cooks can efficiently multitask. For instance, onions take little time turning brown, so better chop onions first and let it go on gas to turn brown and chop all other ingredients.

Grate Your Butter To Make It Soften

Softened butter is easy to use and less time-consuming. Baking recipes require softened butter every single time. A quick tip is to grate the butter in flaky shreds. 

Cut Food Into Smaller Pieces

One of the fastest quick-cooking tips is stir-frying as the vegetables and proteins are chopped down into smaller pieces. Keep in mind that the tinier the portions, the quicker the cooking. For example, it takes less time to cook thinly sliced chicken breast than uncut and thick chicken breast.

Utilize The Garbage 

A garbage bowl is a big container or bowl that you put right on the prep area to toss unwanted things into as you cook. This implies that you don’t have to take several walks to the compost bin or trash can. It also reduces the possibility of food scraps on the kitchen floor as you are not walking around consistently.

Use Wide, Shallow Pans

Pan’s size and shape are also crucial for efficient cooking. Wide shallow pans are better than a saucepan for preparing food. The surface area decides the cooking time. The wider surface area implies more area directly touching the heating source. Extra surface area means that liquids diminish quickly, and you can heat different food at once.

Salt Is Your Friend

Make salt your friend when preparing the dishes. Salt magnifies the natural aroma of the food, and it balances the flavors of the spices. 

Ingredients Matter

How much time it will take to make the dishes depends upon the ingredients. Your cooking efficiency depends on the texture of the ingredients too. Therefore whenever you are in a hurry, you can always prepare soft vegetables. 


Prepare in batches, prepare a few things in advance like tomato puree, sauces, cut vegetables, etc. Use salt adequately in making dishes, and it enhances food flavors. Use fast and efficient kitchen appliances to prepare the food, such as microwave ovens, food processors. Considering these practical and straightforward cooking tips, you can prepare the dishes skillfully.