Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency


Vitamin deficiencies can sometimes be hard to spot, but they are very serious! Vitamin deficiency can lead to several problems, but it starts showing on the skin most importantly. Below are some signs that an individual should look out for in vitamin deficiency. 

Severe Hair Loss

One of the most important vitamins is vitamin D, and deficiency in this vitamin will cause numerous problems, including hair loss. Vitamin D helps stimulate the follicles, but when the body does not have enough of this, it directly affects the hair. This lack of vitamin D is also linked to alopecia areata. This is an immune condition through which one can have a patchy head with severe hair loss. Lack of vitamin D also plays a role in hair loss for people not having alopecia. Research shows that people with hair loss have a deficiency in vitamins. 

Bleeding Gums

Sometimes one might feel that the reason behind the bleeding gums is the harsh toothbrush they might be using. But one might also check if it’s not a sign of vitamin deficiency in the body. It’s common to have bleeding gums when the diet loses vitamins in it. Vitamin C is known for taking care of the damage and working as an antioxidant. This, in turn, helps to prevent cell damage. The body does not produce vitamin C on its own, and it is quite important to add it to your diet intentionally. 

Brittle Nails And Hair

There may be a lot of reasons that one can have brittle hair and nails, but one of them is a deficiency of biotin. Also known as Vitamin B7, biotin is really helpful as it helps the body convert food into energy. It’s a rare deficiency, but when it occurs, splitting of hair, thinning and brittle hair occurs. Other symptoms can be nausea, fatigue, or muscle pain and tingling of hands and feet. The people at greater risk of this deficiency are pregnant women, chain smokers, and people who have Crohn’s disease. 

Mouth Ulcers

When one has lesions in and around the mouth, there are 50 percent chances of being there due to insufficient minerals and vitamins. Mouth ulcers can result from a lack of vitamin B or even iron. Research study shows that patients who have mouth ulcers are likely to be twice as low in it as other people. 

White Growth On Eyes And Poor Vision

When a diet lacks nutrients and vitamins, it can cause vision problems. Lack of Vitamin A is often linked to night blindness, and this often ends up in people not being able to see in low light or darkness. This is because Vitamin A produces rhodopsin, which is a pigment found in the retinas. If it is left untreated for a longer time, it can cause night blindness in the near future. 


When someone has a vitamin deficiency, there are a lot of complications that come along. Prolonged vitamin deficiency may cause health issues that would not improve even after undergoing treatment. 

When the vitamin deficiency is prolonged and severe, it causes:

  • Decreased sensations in the hands and feet
  • Behavioral changes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness of fingers and toes
  • Memory loss
  • Rapid heart rate (Tachycardia)
  • Vision loss

What Should One Do?

Intake of vitamins is easy, but one needs to know what they have to intake for certain vitamins. Having a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins is necessary. 

Add eggs, fish, dark leafy greens, and nuts in it. Focus on what is low in your body and plan your diet chart accordingly. 

Visiting a doctor and consulting them according to the body’s needs will also be a great choice for people who seem to notice these symptoms in their bodies. 

Getting a checkup done can be one of the smartest options that one can make. This way, they might know what has to be done and what food ingredients they must focus on. The doctors might also help you to follow a particular diet. Although taking medicines would be temporary, focusing on food items will be better. 

The Bottom Line

Vitamins and nutrients are important for one’s body, and ignoring this need might cause problems to the body, which can be permanent. This leads to severe problems in the future that are untreatable. If one sees these symptoms in themselves or their family members, it would be better to take action immediately before anything goes wrong.