Ordinary Foods To Stay Away From


The current trend of gaining a having lifestyle encouraged everyone to practically memorize all the foods they are not to eat. Foods such as chocolate bars, soda, and chips. Just to name a few of the treats which individuals should just not try to remember at this point. However, even some of the foods that appear to be harmless could actually be bad for us. Therefore it is very vital to consider what we think we know about healthy foods. Following is a list of some of the foods individuals should stay clear of when next they visit the supermarket.

Crab Sticks

This is a well-known ingredient that individuals love to add to their salads. However, it really does not have anything to do with the actual crab, except for the name. Crab sticks are actually mashed fillet of white fish that is frequently substituted with egg whites, starch or gluten. The things which never get substituted are coloring, flavoring, sugar, and other things that enhance flavor such as MSG.

As we all know, MSG could lead to addiction. Besides the obvious risk of becoming overweight due to nutritional supplements, there is also the chance of being food poisoned. Crab sticks are available in chilled as well as frozen varieties. The rules for storing this product are quite often violated, which causes a severe risk.

Fish In Plastic Packaging

Although fish such as this is quite delicious, it has a huge disadvantage. The shelf life is extremely short. This is the reason the only option to package in plastic is to have it in oil. Once the fish is stored in brine, there is a great chance that hexamethylenetetramine was added as well. This is a chemical that is banned in many countries.

Smoked Foods

Another dish that is very popular across the planet is smoked foods. However, they are several discussions concerning their detriment to health. There are conventional smoking techniques that work as a natural method of conserving food and could prolong the shelf life. Plus, there are less expensive methods referred to as liquid smoke which are very uncertain.

The deadly chemicals with flavor intensifiers, formaldehyde, and phenols are frequently left off the packaging. What is more, is that stale food is quite regularly hidden by the flavor. In the event that the individual is unable to resist the taste of smoked food. They should opt for the labeling which highlights natural smoking techniques. Methods such as thread marks, hook marks, and bar marks on the product.

Gummy Bears

These aromatic and bright-colored bears are hugely popular with children and even some adults. However, the ingredients of the contemporary gummy bears are quite often far from those of the classic ones. Gelatin from pigs in the modern gummies is the substitute for natural pectin found in the classic ones. Plus, the brilliant colors are produced by using synthetic flavor intensifies and coloring. What is more, is that there are manufacturers that use sulfur dioxide as their preservative. And they do not mention it on the packaging. In high dosages, this could lead to allergic reactions. At home, tasty and natural marmalade can be made using natural juices.


In many countries, cornflakes are extremely popular. What is more, is that it is promoted as a healthy breakfast. However, the ingredients plus the method of producing cornflakes could provide individuals with a clear understanding. All the reasons that bear evidence to the health benefits of cornflakes are simply marketing ploys. Subsequent to frying the cornflakes, all the vitamins vanish from within the cornflour. The oil that is used for frying cornflakes, sugar, and preservatives has no benefit to the body. Plus, they have the potential of resulting in weight gain if consumed too frequently.

Black Olives

This is considered to be the most controversial food on this list. Black olives do not exist on this planet. Olives that have fully ripened consist of a brown or dark violet color. Black olives found in the can, are actually green olives that have been dyed with a special nutrient. This is typically ferrous gluconate that is used. In small amounts it is not harmful; however, there is definitely nothing of use in this product.


Many individuals associate the word frosting with something that is delicious, shiny, and chocolate. Sugar, milk, butter, and cocoa are the standard ingredients for manufacturing chocolate frosting. However, producers frequently use different sorts of frosting to cover jelly beans, marshmallows, and cookies. The colors are gorgeous and the appearance is much better. However, the ingredients used in making it are very unhealthy. Synthetic flavor intensifiers, food coloring, and other chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of the product are what are unhealthy.