Mistakes To Avoid When Grilling Chicken

Chicken is known as one of the most challenging meats to grill. Get it right, and you have a juicy, easy-to-eat breast. But if you char it for too long, you end up with a dry, cardboard-like piece of meat. There are several things that can ruin grilled chicken. These are some common mistakes people make while grilling chicken, and some tips on how to get the perfect piece of meat next time. Grilled chicken can be juicy and flavorful, but it’s also one of the hardest meats to cook perfectly on the grill. Overcrowding or forgetting to clean the grill’s surface can leave you with burnt chicken.
Don’t add any sauces too soon while the chicken is cooking, and make sure to let the meat rest off of the heat before cutting into it.

Make Sure The Heat Isn’t Too High.

If you’re cranking the heat up too high you might be ruining your dinner. Courtney Rada, foodie and host of the meat-focused show “Carnivorous” on Genius Kitchen, said that you don’t need to keep your grill super hot. “If you’re using a gas grill, medium-high is an ideal temperature — about 350 degrees [Fahrenheit],” she said. If you’re using charcoal to cook wings, consider pushing the coals to one side so the chicken cooks on indirect heat. That way you have direct heat on one side for searing and indirect heat on the other for lower and slower cooking.

Don’t Leave The Grill Open Because The Heat Will Escape.

A grill’s temperature drops each time you open the lid. Leaving the grill open leads to fluctuations in temperature. That’s why Claudia Sidoti, head chef for HelloFresh, said to cover the grill while the chicken is cooking to create an oven-like experience and prevent precious heat from escaping.

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