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Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle To Your Children


Children are big on repetition. They often observe what the adults and older children in their life are doing and mimic the behavior.

This can be beneficial or detrimental to the child’s future, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. With more than 30 percent of the world is occupied by people struggling with their weight, healthy living is more important now than ever.

Here are a few ways you can promote a healthy lifestyle for your children:


Nowadays, children are always playing video games on their phones, gaming systems, or computers. Instead of letting your child sit inside all day and play their favorite game for hours on end, limit the amount of time you allow them to do so.

Instead, promote going outside and moving. You can do this by scheduling family walks or by playing games outside. Anything is better than sitting still and not doing anything. If you’d like, you can offer TV and game time as a reward for doing well in school, finishing chores, or finishing homework. Come up with a plan that works best for your child and stick to it!


Like it or not, your child will probably still sneak into the pantry for a handful of cookies without your permission. Limit or eliminate the junky snack foods that you keep in your home and opt for better snacks like fresh vegetables, fruit, or low-calorie snack packs.

If you want to have a special treat every now and then, be sure to keep it somewhere where your children can’t reach it or can’t see it. Healthier snacks will keep your children from becoming lethargic and uninterested in physical activity.


Make your kids put down their phones at the dinner table. So often, victims of bullying try to hide their insecurities and issues from their parents. The best way to address an issue like bullying is to talk to your child.

Create a firm but open environment where your children can talk to you about anything. You want them to be open to you, but you also want them to know that being open won’t mean that they will get off the hook for any wrongdoing. This will be important to promoting a healthy mental and emotional lifestyle to your children, which will help them be more open and honest about their feelings in the future.


Unless you go to a buffet, you don’t generally get second helpings of your food when you eat out, so why should it be different at home. Cook your meals to the portion size that fits your child’s age and size. If they still feel hungry, have them wait an hour and offer them a snack. Often, children eat their food and still feel hungry when it hasn’t had time to settle in their stomachs. The snack later will remedy any real hunger they are feeling.