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Homemade Epsom Bath Salts


Epsom Salts are said to have healing properties, and they are present in our soap and even in our bodies. Bath salts have various health benefits as it helps in exfoliating the skin, keeping the skin hydrated, and maintaining even skin texture. You are using bath salts while bathing has proven effects. It benefits you to maintain good health and helps decrease stress, which allows you to sleep better. Epsom salt contains a high level of magnesium which is good for your skin and has healing properties. Homemade Epsom salt has its benefits as it allows you to add any other essential ingredients you want. 

How To Make Bath Salts At Home? 

For making bath salts, there are simple ingredients that you need, and these ingredients are listed below: 

  • Epsom salt 
  • Sea salt
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil or any desirable oil. 

How To Do It? 

  • In a bowl, mix Epsom salt with sea salt and baking soda. Mix all the three well, so they are fused well together. 
  • In this mix, add the essential oil, about 15 drops of essential oil. 
  • If you want to make your Salt colorful, add colors to the bath salt, add some food coloring. Keep adding till you get the desired shade you want. 
  • Store them in jars and pack them well for further use. If you want to gift them to someone 

For essential oil, you can try various blends and combinations of two or more different essential oils together. For example, you can mix lavender and vetiver for a relaxing blend. Suppose you want an essential blend with lavender, frankincense, and palmarosa. For a blend with a respiratory blend, add eucalyptus and tea tree oil. For relaxing your muscles, you can use peppermint and rosemary. 

The Benefit Of Bath Salts

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and is effective for all types of skin, especially for dry skin, and it also helps reduce inflammation. Chemically, Epsom salt is also known as Magnesium sulfate and is one of the rich sources of magnesium. Magnesium is essential and is present in all types of living organisms. Therefore, Epsom salt is beneficial for: 

  • Reduces stress: Stress depletes magnesium and raises adrenaline levels in the body. When dissolved in water, Epsom salt is absorbed by the skin and balances magnesium production in the blood. Magnesium aids in the production of serotonin, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter that induces a sense of relaxation and relaxation in the brain. Bathing with an Epsom soaked solution at least twice a week, according to experts, helps you look healthier, feel good, and acquire more strength. Magnesium ions also diminish the effects of adrenaline, which helps you relax and minimize irritation. They relax you, improve your overall health and attention, and help your nerves and muscles work correctly.
  • Heals pain: Sore muscles, respiratory disease, and headache migraines all benefit from Epsom salt baths, which are proven to relieve pain and inflammation. It has also been shown to aid in the healing of cuts and the alleviation of postpartum discomfort. Make a thick solution using Epsom salt and hot water to acquire calming comfort. Soak your fatigue, aching feet in a tub of water containing half a cup of our Pure Epsom Salt. Epsom salt softens the skin and even helps to eliminate odors from the feet.
  • Proper function of muscles: Magnesium is also essential for proper usage of calcium, which functions as the body’s main transmitter of electric signals. An Epsom salt bath can help people with arthritis and other inflammatory disorders reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. 
  • Avoids clotting of blood: Epsom salt is thought to help enhance heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease and attacks by enhancing blood circulation, preserving artery flexibility, inhibiting platelet aggregation, and lowering the chance of sudden heart attack mortality.
  • Good for constipation: Epsom salt has been shown in numerous trials to treat constipation effectively. Epsom salt is a purifying agent for fecal impaction when used internally. By boosting the amount of water in the intestines, Salt serves as a laxative and can provide temporary relief from constipation. On the other hand, Epsom salts can not alleviate constipation without first consulting the doctor.
  • Eliminates toxins: Epsom salt’s sulfates aid in the removal of toxins and toxic substances from the cells, reducing muscle discomfort and assisting the body in the elimination of dangerous substances. At least once a week, adding 2 cups of our Salt to the water in a bath and soaking for 10 minutes for a cleansing bath is recommended. Because your skin is a porous barrier, adding the correct minerals to your bathwater causes a process called reverse osmosis, which draws Salt and other toxins out of your body. 

In Beauty

  • Exfoliate dead skin by rubbing a handful of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of bath or olive oil all over your wet skin in the shower or bath to exfoliate and soften. Rinse the dish well.
  • Exfoliating face cleanser: Combine a half-teaspoon of Epsom salt with your regular washing cream to simultaneously clean and exfoliate your skin. Massage into skin gently before rinsing with cold water.
  • To remove blackheads, boil a half cup of water with a teaspoon of Epsom salt and three drops of iodine. Using a cotton ball, apply the mixture to the blackheads.
  • Remove foot odor by soaking your feet in a half cup of Epsom salt in warm water for 10 minutes to remove odor, relax aching feet, and soften rough skin.
  • Hairspray: 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of lemon juice, and 1 cup Epsom salt are combined to remove hairspray. Allow 24 hours for the mixture to solidify. Pour the liquid into your dry hair the next day and leave it on for 10 minutes before showering as usual.
  • Volumizer: Warm equal amounts of deep conditioning and Epsom salt in a skillet to make a hair volumizer. Leave the warm mixture on for 10 minutes after working it through your hair. Rinse the dish well.


Epsom bath salts are an excellent way to soothe your muscles, release toxins from the body, and improve circulation. The benefits of Epsom salt have been proven in studies worldwide for over 100 years. These days, people use it not only as a cure-all natural remedy but also as part of their beauty routine because of its other abilities. If you haven’t tried this amazing product yet, be sure to give it a try!