Eating Ice Cream Daily And The Consequences

During the hot summer season, everyone has a passion to eat ice cream to satisfy thirst.  But there is a risk factor , eating ice cream has for human health. Ice cream contains high fat, calories, sodium, sugar and dairy components which have adverse effect on health when it is consumed too much. Once in a while is one thing, but how will eating this frozen dessert regularly affect your health? If you love ice cream so much that you eat it every day, you’re probably one of the one in 10 Americans who licks the bowl clean—which means, if you eat ice cream every day, you probably get a sticky nose every day. Or say you prefer cones to bowls: At one scoop a day, you’re giving your tongue a 50-lick workout daily. But that’s nothing, really. The tongue is tenacious. “It doesn’t fatigue,” Maureen Stone of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry told Scientific American. A daily ice cream treat habit, however, can affect your body in many ways, some more detrimental to your health than others.

Types of ice cream: There are generally three types of ice cream which can be discussed. Soft-Serve Ice cream: Soft serve ice cream is typically soft in nature and has less fat because there is much more air in soft serve ice cream. Soft serve ice cream may have -6 degree Celsius. Frozen Custard: Custard frozen ice cream is so tasty for its diverse components because it contains egg yolk and it looks like creamy in nature. This ice cream is thicker than any other regular ice cream because It has less air. Frozen Yogurt: Frozen Yogurt is getting much popularity among the people in modern age. Frozen yogurt is considered as healthy treat because it may contain less fat in spite of being mixed added sugar. It may be healthy ice cream that you may take in moderation.

Your Teeth May Hurt

According to the American Dental Association, up to 57% of the American population suffers from dentin hypersensitivity—you know, teeth that are sensitive to cold, hot, and acidic food and drink. It’s caused when tooth enamel, the shell protecting your teeth, is reduced and the tooth nerve endings are exposed. If you suspect that may be a problem for you, eating ice cream every day will confirm it. Visit your dentist. Meanwhile, licking versus biting your ice cream may help.

It May Help You Build Muscle

The sugars in ice cream help promote muscle building and prevent protein breakdown with its powerful insulin spike, celebrity trainer and nutritionist Jay Cardiello told Men’s Journal magazine. “Ice cream can be beneficial up to two hours after a workout,” he said. Breast cancer surgeon and triathlon competitor Dr. Kristi Fun believes there’s some truth to ice cream being good for post-workout recovery, but cautions, “The critical question is how hard did you work out?” Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors TV show says, “The majority of workouts are not going to warrant this.”