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Cooking Without Electricity

Grilling Steak

Meals don’t have to turn to cold sandwiches or take-out when the lights go out. There are plenty of great ways you can prepare delicious and healthy meals at home with food items you probably have on hand. 1. Fire Up the Grill     …

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6 Healthy Hamburger Recipes To Lose Weight

Think hamburgers can’t be healthy? Think again! Instead of turning to unhealthy restaurant burgers that pack in thousands of calories in one dish, enjoy these healthy hamburger recipes that slash the calories in half—sometimes more! Between regular beef burgers, turkey burgers, and even burgers made …

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6 Incredibly Healthy Mexican Recipes

When your taste buds crave a little trip south of the border, don’t let it wreak havoc on your belly. These recipes are your answer! Mexican food is always a fan favorite. From chips and salsa to chile rellenos and enchiladas, there are many different …

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6 Healthy Recipes For Your Microwave

Your microwave isn’t just for making popcorn or reheating leftovers anymore. From melting chocolate to cooking vegetables, your microwave is a value and time-saving tool in the kitchen. These healthy recipes for dinner, desserts, snacks and side dishes can be made strictly in your microwave. …

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