Brain Boosting Superfoods


Cognitive health is a more serious concern in the United States than ever before. Several studies have found techniques and foods to reduce stress and improve memory. This article brings the top brain-boosting superfoods to keep your brain cells healthy. 

Fatty Fish

At your brain’s nerve endings, a special kind of Omega-3 fatty acid is found. These compounds make message transfer quick and keep your cells healthy. Research suggests that regular consumption of fatty fish like trout and salmon shows improved cognitive health. Further, they are mood enhancers. You can take four servings or 16 ounces of fatty fish per week. Since fatty fish are healthy fats, they even help you lose weight. 


Coffee is the best beverage when it comes to keeping the brain active and boosting its power. So whether you’re an early-morning coffee lover or fond of an evening cold coffee, everything helps, and it also brings down the risk of dementia several folds. Several studies show how coffee enhances your brain activity and skyrockets your reasoning ability. Further, like dark chocolate, this beverage is an excellent source of antioxidants, especially beneficial in older adults. 


Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries improve your cognitive health immensely. Since inflammation and stress are causes of brain issues, these fruits fight against free radicals. Research suggests that two servings of berries every week delay Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss by two years. Frozen berries have anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Toss them into salads, pancakes, and smoothies to boost their taste and your brain health.

Nuts And Seeds

Walnuts, pecans, and almonds have Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that destroys free radicals. The latter is responsible for brain cell damage, so nuts and seeds reduce the risk of diseases. Apart from that, dried coconuts, cashews, and flax seeds significantly improve cognition. Even magnesium presence in nuts enhances the brain’s plasticity and improves your memory. So, regularly eating a handful of nuts directly or adding them to salads is a great way. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can satiate your sweet tooth. But, it also has flavonoids which reduce inflammation and improve blood flow in your brain. Since the brain is easily susceptible to cognitive health issues, antioxidants found in dark chocolate are essential. You can improve your memory with dark chocolate. But, apart from that, it reduces the effects of aging and combats fatigue. Further, your brain would love the zinc, magnesium, and fiber present in chocolate, thanks to its caffeine-like effect. 


To combat cognitive decline and support the brain, you can eat avocados. These have healthy unsaturated fats that reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Avocados not only support your brain nerves but also promote healthy blood flow. That said, there’s good Vitamin E and C, copper, and folate that enrich your cognitive health. Research suggests that avocados work wonders for older adults. Their working memory and problem-solving skills enhance with the consumption of one avocado per day for six months. So, it boosts brain function regardless of how you eat, as a dip, salad, or sandwich.


Spice up your everyday life with some bright turmeric. It boosts your immunity, mood, and brainpower! Research suggests that the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease and other issues is inflammation. And since turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory spice, its regular consumption prevents memory loss. So, here’s what turmeric does. It improves the oxygen uptake of your brain and enhances memory and concentration, not to mention the immense immunity boost. If consumed in curry twice a week, turmeric reduces the risk of dementia by half. 

Pumpkin Seeds And Leafy Greens

The powerful antioxidants present in pumpkin seeds are responsible for free-radical damage, and they are even a brilliant source of copper, zinc, and magnesium. Research suggests that these seeds also contribute to weight loss. Leafy greens are another superfood to prevent memory loss, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. 


With including berries and salmon in your everyday meal, here are a few takeaway tips. First, do not eat too little or too much, and get enough sleep to keep your brain healthy. For reducing stress, meditation and yoga are brilliant techniques.  Staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol are among the best ways for improved cognition. So, start incorporating the above brain-boosting superfoods and healthy practices into your routine and live better!