9 Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2021


This year your preferred restaurant may be closed, you may have to be distance yourself socially from your special someone, or you may just intend to send someone a symbol of affection that might be in dire need of some additional love and comfort. So what we have done is provide an assortment of environmentally-friendly vegan goodies that could be bought online and delivered through the mail. This selection has been stimulated for those that just need to be a bit more imaginative than the typical half dozen roses. So whether you are after that perfect box of vegan chocolate delights or something to promote rest and relaxation in your beloved, check out this list.

David’s Tea Organic Jasmine Black Pearls

For those who do not necessarily care for the waste that is accompanied by the use of separately wrapped tea bags, the loose-leaf provides an exceptional option for enjoying a nice hot mug of tea. The full-bodied taste of black tea is united with the subtle flowery fragrance of jasmine in these organic tea pearls. If you are one for the added flair of Valentine’s, you could have the tea delivered in a reusable, recyclable tin for that nice extra touch. David’s Tea currently has offered a reduction in price on their Valentine’s Day assortment, so regardless of if this is for your vegan sweetheart or for yourself, now is an excellent time to stock up.

Vosges Blackberry Vegan Truffles

So if your loved one has a sweet tooth and a nice fancy chocolate delight would suffice, you should then consider the vegan truffles by the Vosges. The truffles are created using seventy-two percent of cocoa chocolate enclosing a filling of blackberry, providing a rich but yet not excessively sweet flavor. It is recommended to indulge in these treats at room temperature, however, they should be kept in the refrigerator when not being consumed.

Theo Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Are you searching for decadent chocolate that is vegan that would tantalize the very taste buds of just about anyone then your search stops here with, Theo’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bars? These bars are fair trade and organic and offer that slightly sweet and salty bite to soothe the cravings with a dash of sea salt. These delightful treats can be purchased in bulk packages on Amazon on the company’s online shop.

Etsy Vegan Love Day Sugar Cookies

A wonderful way to display your affection is the baking of your very own special treats, however, if the kitchen in terms of candy making or baking is just not in your wheelhouse, there is another way, and also nothing wrong with utilizing the professionals. The Etsy Shop KaleVeonCelery provides a numerous selection of enticing vegan delights, which include some gorgeous heart-shaped sugar cookies.

Abbondanza Soap Co. Oatmeal Lavender Bath Bomb

There is always an explanation as to why lavender aromatherapy and a hot bath are such classical recipes to promote relaxation. This bath bomb is a vegan product that is wrapped in recycled paper and offers up the finest of both worlds, with organic oatmeal and essential lavender oil, which is especially great for dry skin. For those that would prefer a more stimulating fragrance, it is available also in mint rosemary scents.

Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask

Many who have used this product, from Formulary 55 fell in love with it, as it leaves the skin feeling quite refreshed and soft to the touch. It is manufactured in very small consignments with a mixture of pink and white clay, ground comfrey root, rosehip powder, and organic rose geranium essential oil. The facial mask is supplied as a powder, which is then to be combined with a little bit of water before application. The manufacturer’s instructions state that half a package should be used per mask; however, satisfied users have used less, as a third to get the job done. It is also recommended to be used once a week, however for those that suffer from dry skin; it should be used once every four weeks. The envelope that the package is provided in is recyclable; simply rinse it prior to recycling.

Jungalow Maheswari Janarthanan Art Print

If you are a lover of plants, cats, and bold colors, then this print from Maheswari Janarthanan, an artist out of San Diego is one that will definitely please. The prints are done in the United States using a very high quality matte archival paper and it is available in four distinctive sizes. What is more, for each purchase of one of these art prints, Jungalow will plant two trees with the Trees for a Future organization, which aids in developing food forests.

Fat And The Moon Love Thy Self Oil

This love thy self oil is an organic body oil, that combines a special blend of jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, and apricot seed oil. It can be utilized as a massage oil, for that extra loving Valentine’s Day touch or a wonderful moisturizer. The clove bud a vetiver essential oils add a really spicy and earthy fragrance. Fat and the Moon also provides recyclable and minimal packaging and what is more they offer a refillable bottle for this love thy self oil.

Ritual & Fancy Glass Tumbler Candle

Every candle that is offered from Ritual & Fancy is gorgeous and has a characteristic colorful dried flowery component that is floating in vegan soy wax. Wood is the material used to create the wicks, so a nice, cozy crackling sound should be expected while it burns, the candles are also poured by hand into the recyclable vessels made of glass.