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9 Foods That Can Lead To A Heart Attack


The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. This disease claimed a life approximately every thirty-seven seconds, according to the Centers for Disease Control. However, there are always options that can be taken to reduce the risk of heart attack and elude becoming another statistic, it all begins with sustaining a healthy diet. The FDA suggests that individuals consume no more than ten percent of the daily calories derived from added sugar. However, most of us are eating more than our share on a daily basis, which is not a good thing for the health of our hearts. Besides added sugar, another concern is sodium, because the consumption of too much sodium can result in high blood pressure. A raised blood pressure can then lead to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries, which can then increase the risk of heart disease. Saturated fats should not be forgotten either, research has shown that consuming foods that are high in saturated fats may cause your bad cholesterol or LDL to increase, putting you at the risk of a heart attack. With that said, foods that are high in saturated fats, salt, and sugar can in due course be increasing your risk of a heart attack. The following foods should be avoided whenever possible to continue your heart health.

Baked Goods

According to Adam Splaver, a clinical cardiologist and also a founding member of the Nano Health Associates, goods that are baked carry a double whammy as they consist of hidden saturated fats and sugars. Most of them normally do not contain any nutritional value and sometimes consist of hydrogenated shortenings and concealed saturated fat, which by all accounts can increase the bad cholesterol in your body. Furthermore, the hydrogenated shortenings have been known to contain trans fats, which are known to increase the level of cholesterol as well. A study released in the New England Journal of Medicine determined that there was a positive relationship between the consumption of foods that contain trans fats and heart disease.

French Fries

The link between cardiovascular disease, belly fat, and obesity has long been documented. The level of your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar are directly dependent on the amount of fat deposited around your midsection. French fries can be considered as a triple threat to the health of your heart by those standards alone. In addition to being packed with simple sources of carbohydrates just in wait to raise your blood sugar, they also contain large amounts of salt and fat as well.

Ice Cream

A healthy adult should consume up to three hundred milligrams of cholesterol per day and no more, if this daily quantity is exceeded the arteries could become clogged with a plaque which is a precursor for heart disease. Some flavors of the popular Ben and Jerry’s brand of ice cream, in just a single cup, has more than a third of your daily intake, as do many other cool treats. This can lead to poor heart health and weight gain.


Here is a notable fact, cheese on its own is the largest provider of saturated fat to the diet of Americans. Unlike other fats, the saturated fat from cheese is the one to most likely be stored around the midsection and begin to bring about mayhem in the cardiovascular system and your well-being. So it would be wise to reduce the amount of cheese in your diet to delete the belly fat and maintain your heart health.


Coming a very close second to cheese as a large contributor of saturated fat in the United States is pizza. Instead of having that home delivery of a large pizza for that stay night, you can alternatively order a slice and then combine it with a healthy side of salad, this will help encourage satisfaction and increase your fiber intake.

Soda and Diet Soda

In no way recorded is soda good for you, therefore it could never be helping your heart remain healthy either. As stated by Dr. Splaver, the clinical cardiologist, there are some very severe consequences of consuming soda. Insulin spikes are stimulated by drinking normal soda, this stimulation can lead to gaining weight and trigger metabolic disorders. Inflammation can be a result of the sugar, that causes heart disease. The consumption of diet soda will activate your pancreas to supply the body with more insulin, thus increasing your severe or morbid overweight and the risk of circulatory disease. Switch out your soda, whether diet or regular for sparkling water.


More than twenty-two pounds of candy is consumed by Americans on an annual basis. Although the majority is chocolate, it goes without saying that there are likely not selecting the heart-healthy seventy percent dark chocolate, rather than a Snickers each time. Whether you are popping some candy-coated chocolate right after lunch or taking that lollipop from the doctor, there is no hiding that candy is just sugar, that will increase the fatty deposits, placing us at a greater risk of heart attack.

Fruit Juice

Although one hundred percent fruit juice is preferred and way better over the option of a soda or other drinks containing sugar such as some popular juices. The 100 percent juice is also loaded with dozens of grams of sugar per serving. The essential fiber that helps return to normal the elevated blood lipids, is lost due to drinking of the fruit and vegetables after removing the skin.

Bacon And Sausages

The two of these are just staples for the American diet along with deli meats, however, these can be putting you at risk for your health. Nitrates are associated with most of these meats, which is a preservative that gets involved with the natural ability of the body to process sugar, which can lead to the risk of diabetes. Furthermore, a majority of deli meats are rich in sodium, which is a very well-known stimulator of hypertension, causing bloating and leading to heart disease.