8 Ways How Your Eyes Can Be The Windows To Your Health

What can your eyes reveal about your health? Quite a lot – and some things you can see simply by looking in the mirror. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. While the origins of this saying may not be known, what is certain is that the eyes do tell us a great deal about our health.

1. Permanent Sty

A sty can cause pain and irritation. This usually occurs due to a blocked sebaceous gland which generally tends to go away within a few days. But if it persists, it may cause some serious issues. If a sty pops up often or persists for a long time, it can be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma.

2. Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow loss can occur for many reasons including age, stress or nutrient deficiency. Though it only affects 0.1% of the population, alopecia areate, or spot baldness may be a possible reason. Hypothyroidism, however, is a more likely cause. It occurs due to an acute shortage of thyroid hormones, which in extreme cases, can cause hair loss.

3. Blurred Vision

Spending many hours on computers may cause your vision to become blurred, or your eyes to burn. In fact, vision problems are nowadays often associated with long screen-time use, and has been termed as ‘digital eye strain’ or ‘dry eye syndrome’.

4. Blind Spots

While it may be frightening to notice a blind spot in your vision, this often points at a migraine with aura, especially if your blurry vision is accompanied by sparkling dots or wavy lines. If migraines become persistent, contact your doctor to decipher the problem.

5. Bulging Eyes

If you constantly feel some sort of expansion in your eyes it could indicate a symptom of thyroid (or Graves) eye disease. This means that your thyroid is overactive. Difficulty closing the eyes could be one of the symptoms that may cause your eyes to bulge.

6. Yellow Whites

Yellow whites tend to appear in both adults and newborns with undeveloped liver function. It may also be connected with the state of a gallbladder or bile ducts. If you notice that the white part of your eye has turned yellow, visit your doctor to decipher the problem.

7. Cloudy Vision

If you suffer from diabetes, you need to pay special attention to your health and vision is a key thing to keep tabs on. Diabetic retinopathy – a state caused by damage to blood vessels in the photosensitive retina tissue. It may be the reason for your ‘cloudy’ vision.

8. Impaired Vision

Any change in vision requires an instant response. If you notice that your vision has suddenly become impaired, clouded or disappeared for a moment seek medical help immediately as this could indicate a stroke.