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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great way to start your day, and it’s also one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Oatmeal is one of the most popular breakfast cereals in North America, claiming that it can regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and improve protein intake. Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber, which helps keep your stomach satisfied for hours on end. It also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, and numerous other essential nutrients for good health. If you’re looking for a better way to start the day than with a sugary cereal or doughnut, try oatmeal!

High In Fiber

The best reason to eat oatmeal, especially if you’re on a diet, is because it’s high in fiber. Fiber helps keep your stomach feeling full for hours and allows you to resist unnecessary snacking. As a bonus, fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Oatmeal adds more substance to cereal than many other breakfast foods do. Oatmeal will make a bowl of cereal last longer and provide a more filling meal. You’ll feel satisfied long after your eating, which means you’ll be less tempted by snacks later on!

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Everyone knows that oatmeal helps lower cholesterol levels. It does this by speeding up the rate at which solid particles are converted into liquid and also slows the absorption of some cholesterols from foods you eat with it. This means that your body can process and remove excess cholesterol more quickly while simultaneously allowing some of the good cholesterols to remain in your system. Oatmeal can help reduce high LDL ( bad ) cholesterol and boost HDL (good) cholesterol. On top of all that, oatmeal helps decrease blood pressure!

Regulates Blood Sugar

Another health benefit of oatmeal is that it can help you regulate your blood sugar. The carbohydrate found in oatmeal provides a steady stream of energy to the body, which will help regulate blood sugar levels and keep them from spiking too high or going too low.

This makes oatmeal a great breakfast food for people with diabetes or trouble regulating their blood glucose levels. In general, carbohydrates break down into sugar absorbed into the bloodstream, causing both your pancreas and insulin levels to work harder trying to convert all that extra sugar into energy. Oats are low on the glycemic index, so they don’t cause a huge uptick in your blood sugars when you eat them, helping avoid insulin resistance and diabetic symptoms such as mood swings, hunger, and fatigue.

Increases Protein Intake

Since oatmeal is a breakfast food, it only makes sense that it’s high in protein and fiber. The combination of these two nutrients will keep you full for hours-much longer than doughnuts or other sugary cereals would. Sugar provides a nice short burst of energy, but healthy proteins will help sustain your energy levels throughout the morning and give you an added feeling of satisfaction. 

Promotes Healthy Skin

Oatmeal can help you maintain healthy skin for many reasons. First, it’s high in antioxidants known to fight against damage from free radicals. Free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons that cause cellular damage when they react with other molecules in the body.

Oatmeal is also packed full of selenium which plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland by helping regulate hormone secretion. Selenium also helps protect your cells from free radical damage, so if you’re looking to preserve your skin, then selenium-packed oatmeal might be just what you need!

Relieves Constipation

High-fiber foods like oatmeal are known to help relieve constipation and promote regularity. Studies show that children who eat oatmeal regularly have less frequent episodes of constipation. If you’re looking for a way to naturally relieve constipation without resorting to taking chemical laxatives, try adding some oatmeal to your diet! Fiber helps bulk up your stool, making it easier for you to pass and relieves symptoms of constipation such as abdominal pain and discomfort, all while ensuring you maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Boosts Energy

The combination of protein and complex carbohydrates in oatmeal will give your body the energy it needs throughout the entire day. Oats also contain iron, an essential mineral that transports oxygen throughout the bloodstream, helping provide an ample supply of oxygenated blood cells to every body area. This can help boost your energy levels and provide a lasting feeling of satisfaction, so you don’t feel deprived or starved for energy before lunchtime.

Help Prevent Cancer

Last but not least, oatmeal is rich in polyphenols which are natural plant chemicals with antioxidant properties. These antioxidants prevent free radical damage, leading to cancer cell formation. Oats also promote healthy digestion by acting as a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in your gut-areas vital for maintaining a strong immune system! Studies show that people who eat whole-grain foods, such as oatmeal, have a much lower risk of developing certain types of cancer. 


There is no better food than oats! If you want to start your day off right, or if you’re looking for a way to relieve constipation without resorting to taking chemical laxatives naturally, try adding some oatmeal. Oats are rich in polyphenols which prevent free radical damage that can lead to cancer cell formation.

They also promote healthy digestion by acting as prebiotics that feeds the good bacteria in your gut-areas vital for maintaining a strong immune system. Not only does oatmeal help regulate blood sugar levels and keep them from spiking too high or going too low, but it’s also an excellent source of protein and fiber with B vitamins, so you don’t feel deprived throughout the morning.