7 Foods That Aid In Sleepless Nights


There are many things that can affect your quality of sleep from emotional distress to bodily ills such as diabetes, kidney disease, or heartburn. Whatever the cause, missing out on enough slumber can easily make you cranky and sluggish during the day. If it goes on for too long, your odds for things like heart attack, stroke, neurological disorders, and high blood pressure skyrocket. So sleep is nothing to mess around with. Before heavy duty sleep aids, the first place to look is at your diet. Everyone knows that consuming caffeine before bed is a recipe for disaster, so skip the coffee or tea. But you may not have realized that certain healthy foods can also keep you up all night.

1. Citrus


Fruit is generally a healthy choice, and dietitians recommend you have some with every meal. But citrus in particular could be disturbing your slumber because it is highly acidic. That can lead to heartburn or painful gastrointestinal re-flux disease. Citrus fruit is also high in sugar, which can give you a boost of energy when you least need it. Eat citrus in the morning with breakfast, and switch to lower-sugar, lower-acid fruits as the day progresses.


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