7 Foods That are Ruining Your Skin According to Dermatologists


Dermatologists have revealed the foods that result in activating rosacea and triggering acne outbreaks, and various other skin conditions and how to attain skin that is healthier looking. This is sad news for those that enjoy their late night overindulging on their favorite fast foods. What is placed into your body is just as vital as what is placed on it for the health of your skin. Foods rich in antioxidants are considered some of the best foods for your skin and a small number of easy dietary tweaks could help plump, brighten or seal in moisture. Additionally, other foods that could activate acne in some individuals can also result in irritation and redness. Here are some of the foods that should be avoided for the sake of clear, clean and healthy looking skin.

Soda – Dehydrates and Ages your Skin

Most persons have heard that phrase, you should skip the soda for the sake of your waistline, and this also includes the diet variety as well, however it turns out that it is doing any favors for your skin either. Inflammation of the skin could be as a result of consuming both the regular and the diet varieties of soda, this is according to a certified dermatologist in New York City, Doris Day. Worldwide there are moves to have these banned from schools and in some places taxes are being placed on them, so that it directs the consumer from purchasing them. Presently they are a variety of alternatives which are simply tasty and are most time not as expensive. These include; fruit infused seltzer water. Add lemon, berries, orange or lime slices to the plain seltzer.

Spicy Foods can make Rosacea worse

You may just have to skip Taco Tuesdays, especially if you might be suffering from Rosacea, as stated by director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Joshua Zeichner. Any foods that is the catalyst for the blood vessels dilating and makes an individual flush might result in a flare up, which puts his findings on par with another study conducted in 2017 and published in the journal Dermatology Practical & Conceptual. Scientists also discovered that the majority of persons with rosacea described episodes of flushing after consuming spicy foods or drinking hot drinks or alcoholic beverages.

Pasta could result in acne related inflammation

Realistically, pasta is not the only culprit. There has been an association between refined carbohydrates and inflammation, such as bread, white rice and bagels; which are all foods that are rich in glycemic index. Which simply put is a method of measuring a food’s effect on blood sugar. A publication in the 2016 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology documented a link between a high glycemic index foods and acne. According to Dr. Doris Day, sugar is connected to inflammation. The glycemic index should be managed if a person wishes to minimize inflammation. The simplest methods of obtaining this is to consume plant based, whole foods as regularly and as consistent as possible. For those that simply enjoy their carbohydrates, this means that whole grain bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Dr. Day also encourages intermittent fasting, which is classified as a technique of eating which involves durations of voluntary abstinence from drink or food. According to research it has exceptional advantages for skin health.

Dairy could cause Acne

Many times, dermatologists could determine whether or not a patient could have eaten too much dairy. The reason being, research including a review of various studies conducted in 2017, displayed a link between adult acne in females and consumption of not only foods rich in the glycemic index such as white pasta, however, cow’s milk, specifically skim mile. This is due to the fact that dairy could be a pro-inflammatory, which in layman’s terms means that it could aggravate any condition such as acne, which involves tissues that could become inflamed. Something that is noteworthy here is that research has made the connection between acne and dairy, only identifies milk from a cow and does not appear to be relevant to goats and sheep milk, cheese or yogurt.

Whey Protein Shakes could cause acne flare ups

After an extreme weight training session, protein shakes could be excellent for repairing the muscles and building them up, however, scientists believe that some kinds of protein might toss the individual’s skin out of whack. Specifically, whey protein has been disclosed to result in the flaring up of acne, as stated in a publication in the 2017 Health Promotion Perspectives.

Potato Chips could increase Skin Inflammation

Have you ever seen an individual that have incredible skin, snacking on processed foods such as potato chips? Well there is a reason for that. Although science is still working on proving this statement, it is still becoming more widely accepted in the fraternity of dermatologists, that foods have an effect on the skin and especially on acne. Consuming foods full of grease will not automatically mean the grease will end up on your skin and result in a breakout of acne. However eating foods that are highly processed and rich in trans-fat might have an effect on glycation, which is when the sugar binds with proteins and creates harmful substances, breakouts of acne or rosacea or inflammation.

Sugar could make Skin appear more Wrinkled

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the treat occasionally, however, bingeing on anything loaded with sugar could really have an impact on the skin. Reason being, like all foods rich in glycemic index, they cause the increasing of blood sugar at a rapid rate, resulting in the inflammation and activation of glycation, which could cause collagen fibers to stiffen; which overtime can leave the skin more wrinkled over time and reduce the plumpness.