7 “Coronavirus Cure” Food Scams

Drinking bleach, silver, or taking herbal supplements are just a few of the absolutely ridiculous examples. A number of get-rich-quick schemers are looking to take advantage of the current coronavirus outbreak. As the world deals with the dangers of this global pandemic, a depressing number of suspicious cure-all solutions have emerged as well. (The truth is, common sense and thorough hand washing are the best approaches to avoid COVID-19, and there is no known cure as of yet.) In response, the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration released a joint statement warning several companies of scamming people with false coronavirus cures.

1. Drinkable Silver

Yes, you can purchase colloidal silver, which looks just like water and has been claimed by some to be a cure for the flu. Except… it isn’t. The FTC recently warned disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker for irresponsibly peddling a product called “Silver Solution” as a cure for coronavirus, as well as a company called Vital Silver. The Florida-based “health” company sells essential oils and other products, and posted a message on Facebook that read: “Wellness!! Vital Silver!!! Simple!!! Go on the offense this year against viruses including the Coronavirus—it’s simple!” But that’s fake news.

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