6 Surprising Times You Need to Drink More Water


The makeup of the human body is sixty percent water; therefore it should come as no surprise that at times in our lives that additional water is required. Specifically during those summer months, when the heat is on and dehydration becomes a real danger. According to the nutritionists and dieticians, persons are not drinking sufficient water. This could result in some really serious issues, a parched body will be sluggish and a parched brain will not be able to think as well, this is as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Inadequate consumption of water could lead to persons being more likely to becoming overheated, suffering from constipation and kidney stones. Having a hydration plan is the best way to combat this, so here are several periods in which additional water is required.

Hanging Out At Your Child’s Sport

During this time your focus would or should be in your child drinking enough water, however, you should also consider yourself as well. Many individuals are very sensitive to humidity and heat, and overheating can occur simply by them sitting outside in the sun. The same way in which you would refill their water bottle and be forcing them constantly to take a few sips, then listen and adhere to your own advice. Ensure that you have your very own bottle close at hand. During the day one wants to sip on warm water, so use a bottle that is insulated with stainless steel instead of plastic, so that the contents are pleasantly refreshing and cold.

During Happy Hour

According to medical research, alcohol is considered a dehydrator. It is mighty refreshing to be gulping down an iced cold beer during a hot summer day; however alcohol plays the role as a diuretic, which means that essentially you will need to urinate out all the excess fluids in the body. Dehydration is one of the main reasons that excessive alcoholic beverages result in a definite hangover. Although it is recommended that females restrict themselves to no more than one alcoholic beverage every day and males should stop at two alcoholic beverages. There are some exceptions that when you socialize, there is the possibility that you might take more than what you should have. A particularly good rule to keep in mind is that you should consume a glass of water directly after each alcoholic drink.

You are Pregnant

The body of a female is working overtime to develop the amniotic sac and placenta, keep up an increased volume of blood, in addition to nourishing and growing a baby, which is a substantial burden which requires a great deal more water than the average individual, as documented by the American Pregnancy Association. Dehydration could result in the body rapidly overheating. Females that are pregnant are encouraged to drink as much as ten glasses of liquids every day, these include juice, water, tea and coffee and several other beverages. Focusing on your urine as it should have the appearance or a pale yellow or crystal clear. 

You have a heart disease

Even though it might be vital to eat healthy through adhering to diets that are good for your heart, such as the Mediterranean diet, and find time to exercise, it is also vitally crucial for persons to consume more water as dictated by the American Heart Association. Dehydration indicates that a person has lost water all through the body, which also includes the blood as well. When the blood becomes thicker, it makes it very difficult for the heart to properly transport it throughout the entire body. Water, instead of drinks full of sugar such as sports beverages, sodas or juice, is paramount, as these alternatives have a load of additional sugar, which has been proven as not a good thing for the heart.

You are an Older Adult

Have you ever wondered why you are not so inclined to reach for that glass of water as eagerly? As individuals start to get older, the glands for sweat just do not manufacture as much sweat, which is known to contribute to an increase in body temperature. This is the reason many of the senior adults are at more a risk for overheating and dehydration. What is more is that the elderly start to lose sensitivity to thirst so that the natural cue to take in as much water is not a strong. Additional dehydration could result in confusion, seizures or simply be fatal, however, most of the elderly according to a study in journal Nutrition and Healthy Aging. As it relates to older people, it is critical to maintain a glass of water just by your side and sip on it occasionally throughout the day regardless of your thirst level.

You are sick with the stomach flu

Temperatures rising? A delicate increase in the temperature of the body could result in the sweat from the body releasing more fluids, practically ensuring that dehydration is more likely. Regardless of it was from food poisoning or a stomach bug, vomiting also points towards fluid loss, however it also sends the balance of electrolytes, minerals which help the body to function efficiently into array. For those that might be experiencing a stomach virus, they could consume Pedialyte or Gatorade. The salt content will assist in stimulating thirst and enhancing the body’s ability to retain liquids.