6 Health Issues That Signify A Bad Diet

Relying on fast food for fuel can result in more than just belly fat—it can land you in the MD’s office. We usually associate a “bad diet” with belly fat, but there’s a surfeit of serious health issues that are closely linked to nutritional deficiencies. Sure, you may notice the number on your scale hiking up after digging into one-too-many bacon cheeseburgers and ice cream sundaes; however, you may need a doctor’s office visit to ferret out the more insidious ailments.

1. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis occurs because the bones become brittle and weak and are at higher risk of breaking. There are a few different risk factors that can cause osteoporosis. A few of them are diet-related such as insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake as well as an increase in drinking alcohol. The best sources of calcium are found in vegetables but can also be found in items such as low-fat milk and yogurt.

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