6 Gluten-Free Pastas You Can Buy


For pasta lovers, gluten-free pasta can be a good option as it comes with a lot of health benefits.  Many people are prone to celiac disease, which is gluten sensitivity. You can always opt for a gluten-free diet with your pasta. Those days are gone when there was just a limited quantity and variety of gluten-free pasta available. These days, markets are offering a lot of superb and colorful options of gluten-free pasta. Many different options like quinoa flour, green pea, brown rice, and many others provide fantastic health benefits and taste that can easily substitute those traditional gluten-containing pasta. 

We often feel confused after seeing so many varieties. We have composed this list containing the best pasta tested in its taste and originality and after that brought to you as an option. 

Traditional pasta is generally made from wheat flour, but recently pasta has been modified as gluten-free pasta. We have enlisted the best gluten-free pasta that you can have as your ultimate option. 

Brown Rice Pasta

Brown rice pasta is considered one of the most famous gluten-free pasta available in the market. This pasta is renowned due to its chewy texture and soft flavor. These are the basic characters of traditional pasta. Brown rice makes a good fiber source that can provide almost three grams of fiber in just a little bowl. Brown rice has many added micronutrients, also like manganese, magnesium, and selenium. Selenium is very useful in preventing a lot of heart diseases. Many studies have revealed that the bran found in brown rice is beneficial to prevent cancer and other tumorous complications. It is said to be very rich in antioxidants. It has many essential nutrients that can increase the body’s oxidative status, promoting the faster generation of new cells. The right consumption of brown rice can easily prevent many other severe complications and diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Brown rice can act as a  better substitute for the traditional gluten-containing pasta.

Fried Rice and Maize Spaghetti

This pasta is trendy for its fantastic texture and taste. It is also super easy to cook and can make a nice treat for you. The vegan pasta is relatively very light and easily digestible also. It is made from a combination of maize and rice flour, and hence it is free from gluten, soy, egg, or milk. You can quickly cook it with minimal ingredients. It tastes fantastic when it is combined with black pepper butter and garlic. 

Mamma Flora Mezzi Paccheri

It has its origin in Italy and is all-naturally and organically made. This pasta is handmade and is made with 3 basic ingredients- rice flour, water, and cornflour. This pasta is super light and delicious at the same time. It also does not become chewy. You may find it problematic because it takes a little longer than other kinds of pasta to be boiled and cooked, but the time is worth it. 

Napolina Green Pea Fusilli

This pasta has been naturally made but has a distinct characteristic: the sweetness it possesses. There are many kinds of pasta made using green pea flour, but this pasta is most likely loved and bought by the people. The green pea flour adds a slight pinch of sweetness to the pasta and makes it amazing to be tasted. This is a very good source of fiber too. Many patients suffering from constipation and other similar diseases find it quite beneficial to have Napolina Green Pea Fusilli as their ultimate choice for gluten-free pasta. 

Morrisons Red Lentil Fusilli

These days, when gluten-free pasta has been on the trend, Red Lentil Fusilli has been the other trend that is seen. This is a quick-to-make pasta as it is almost ready in just 8 mins. This red lentil fusilli has a bit saltier taste than other pasta, but the lentil gives a twist in flavor as it makes the pasta a little sweet. It generally tastes more delicious when taken cold. You can add some salad to it to have a more refined taste. Other than the delicacies it possesses, this pasta is very beneficial for the health as well.

Quinoa Pasta

This is one of the most loved pasta and is typically made from corn and rice. It is said to have a grainy texture with a pinch of a nutty taste. This gives you a variety of health benefits. This has been a great source of protein made from plants; hence, this pasta gives you a full dose of all the nine essential amino acids that your body requires. This pasta is also rich in fiber and several other essential nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, folate, etc. this is an excellent supplement for your health as it can boost your digestive system. It further makes one feel fuller and hence, reducing the risk of obesity.