6 Breakfast Habits That Are Shortening Your Life


Typically there are two types of individuals; those that simply adore breakfast and those that can’t stand it. Regardless of if you are one who creates a feast, or keeps it light, or simply circumvents it all together, this beginning meal and what is selected to be consumed during it could really have a huge effect on the overall health, possibly for the worse.  The way you decide to begin your day, whether it is the food that you eat or the breakfast routine you participate in could be harmful to your health. Taken to the full extreme the breakfast tendencies might eventually shorten your lifespan by escalating your chance of developing a chronic disease.

Skimping on Breakfast might impact your Metabolism

If you are one to skip breakfast, then this action might be impacting heavily on your weight. A study conducted in 2020 and documented in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism discovered that individuals that consumed a huge serving for breakfast, rather than a large dinner, burned as much as twice as many calories during the day. Those that did partake in breakfast also displayed lower levels of blood sugar and insulin. What is more is that the argument for a larger amount of breakfast was strengthened when the researchers discovered that persons that consumed a low calorie rather than a calorie-rich breakfast reported increased sensations of hunger, in particular craving for sweets. These are all things that can lead to obesity, which according to the National Institute of Health could reduce the life expectancy by as much as fourteen years.

Consuming Bacon might increase your risk of Colorectal Cancer

Bacon in a pan sizzling is considered one of the ultimate breakfast fragrances and sounds. However, the study conducted in 2020 and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology discovered that consuming just a single strip of bacon each day, roughly twenty-five grams has the potential to increase the chance of developing colorectal cancer by as much as twenty percent. The researchers investigated close to five hundred thousand individuals in the United Kingdom ranging in ages between forty and sixty-nine for a period of five years. The American Cancer Society stated that approximately thirty-seven percent of patients suffering from colorectal cancer have a reduced survival rate over a five-year period than those persons that do not suffer from cancer.

The Breakfast juice that you choose might increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A study completed in September 2019 and published in the journal Diabetes Care disclosed that increasing your intake of 100 percent fruit juice by as little as half a cup or more each day could create a greater chance of developing diabetes by sixteen percent, which is confirmed as the seventh leading reason for deaths in the United States. Rather than this, the scientists recommend switching out the juice with a whole piece of fruit, as they contain much more fiber properties than the juice.

Consuming coffee too early might affect Blood Sugar regulation

Most persons, who enjoy coffee, will pour themselves a cup of Joe first thing each morning before they step out the door, however, experts state that you should at least wait until after eating breakfast. In 2020 a study out of the University of Bath documented that consuming black coffee first thing in the morning could have a negative impact on blood glucose control, which is a chief risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, which are the leading causes of death within the United States. The study disclosed that its findings indicated that black coffee increased the blood glucose reaction to breakfast by approximately fifty percent.

Skipping Breakfast could impact your Heart Health

Here is some additional negative news as it related to skimping out on that all-important morning meal; it might be harmful to your heart. In 2019 a publication in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, over six thousand participants in the United States discovered that skipping breakfast resulting in an eighty-seven percent increase in risk of cardiovascular-related death as compared to persons that regularly ate breakfast due to the fact that it leads to elevated blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterol.

Drinking Grapefruit juice might interfere with your Medication

Especially if you are working on weight loss, you are more than likely a fan of grapefruit juice with your early morning meal; however, persons doing this should be very cautious and even consider avoiding this juice in particular if you are taking medications. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration declares that grapefruit juice could interfere with the medication. It could amplify the quantity of mediation that is absorbed into the bloodstream. Medications that are meant to function by targeting chronic health diseases which are associated with an increased chance of all-cause mortality, like blood pressure, lowering, and cholesterol-lowering medication.