5 Best Organic Meal Delivery Services For 2021


Organic foods are manufactured according to stringent standards that have been recognized by the USDA, which is the United States Department of Agriculture. To attain these standards, the foods have to be raised or grown entirely deprived of antibiotics, hormones, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), or artificial chemicals. There are persons who would opt to buy organic foods simply due to the fact that the farming practices have a tendency to be more ecologically friendly and the end result is decreased pesticide residues levels on vegetables, fruits, and grains. What is more is that organic foods that include dairy, produce and meats might be more nourishing than what non-organic foods offer. These meal delivery companies were chosen based on overall ingredients quality, availability and price, the company’s views on organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, and appropriateness for specific diets and groups.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a United States Department of Agriculture certified organic company, this means that all of the ingredients that are used by Green Chef are certified organic unless you see a label that says otherwise. Whenever organic ingredients are not available, Green Chef would then turn their attention to purchasing high-quality foods that are sustainably sourced. Unfortunately, this company does not provide the information as to where they source these nonorganic ingredients from. Green Chef was the first meal delivery service nationally to be awarded a Gluten-Free Food Service certification by the GIG which is the Gluten-Free Intolerance Group. As a result of this, in contrast to the other services that only offer gluten-free options, Green Chef gluten free options are produced in accordance with demanding standards that control for possible gluten cross-contamination at each stage of the process, from sourcing the ingredients to preparation and packaging. Depending on the plan selected and the number of servings the box contains, the cost for these meals can range between $10.99 to $12.99 per meal, along with a flat rate for the shipping of $7.99.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket provides a variety of food options that can be tailored to numerous specialty diets, each created by a dietitian and are chef created with the highest quality, all with sustainable ingredients. Approximately ninety-nine percent of all the produce used is stated to be organic, according to Sun Basket. This includes all of the yogurt, milk, tofu, and eggs found in the kits. For selected recipes, there are also organic meats and poultry available. Although not always organic, Sun Basket has a focus on sourcing humanely raised poultry and meat, along with sustainably farmed or wild-caught seafood. When ordering from this company, it is possible to filter the menu options based on diet type, allergen, cooking time, and calories, making the meal selection much simpler, furthermore, you have the option of selecting your preferred delivery date. Depending on the plan selected and the number of servings the box contains, the cost for these meals can range between $10.99 to $12.99 per meal, along with a flat rate for the shipping of $7.99.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon is considered one of the best as it relates kid-friendly delivery services, they offer organic options for children ranging from four months to ten years old. This was originally a baby food company that offered purees that were suitable for children ages four months to one-year-old, they have since branched out to include toddler meals, finger foods, and entrees for children up to ten years old. The entire menu of baby foods from Little Spoon is certified organic from the United States Department of Agriculture. The meals for the older children are mostly organic produce, in addition to eggs and meat that are raised humanely and hormone and antibiotic-free. The menu options from Little Spoon are also excellent for children with allergies to foods, as all the baby foods are completely free from the eight most common allergens.  The menus for toddlers and children are also mostly free from the common allergens, however, if they do contain any allergens then it is clearly highlighted on the label, plus as you order you are able to filter the menu options based on allergens. When signing up for this service, there is a questionnaire that once completed created a personalized menu determined by pediatricians and nutritionists, developed to best fit the developmental and nutritional needs of the child. The cost of this service begins at $2.74 per meal of baby food and $4.99 per meal for older children, a flat shipping rate of $5.00 and $6.00 for all baby and children plates respectively.

One Potato

One Potato is designed to provide organic meal options that are specific to families. All of the produce and protein used by One Potato is certified organic, plus they are sourced from local vendors and farms. The service also prides itself on using seasonal ingredients in the weekly rotating menus. How One Potato differs from other meal delivery services is that it provides specific children-friendly portions and prices. What is more, is that each recipe is supplied with tips and suggestions on how to involve the children in every step of the preparation and cooking process. Developed with the busy family structure in mind, the meals are ready within thirty minutes and the ingredients supplied are measured and chopped beforehand. Plans are determined based on the size of the family and there are options for vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free meals. The cost ranges from $7.32 to $12.95 per serving, dependent on the selected plan, plus a shipping fee of $4.99 for selected locations.

Trifecta Nutrition

This meal-delivery service provides high-quality keto-friendly meals that can be reheated within three minutes in the microwave. The company prioritizes sourcing quality ingredients, which include locally grown, organic produce, free-range poultry and pork, grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught seafood. The meals from Trifecta contain no more than ten grams of net carbohydrates. The menus are on a weekly rotation and selected for you. However, on your account profile you are able to select two food preferences or allergies, and each time those ingredients are in the recipes, they will be replaced with a duplicate of another meal on the menu that week. Further to the keto-friendly meals, Trifecta also provides vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and clean eating plans. The meals are never frozen, fresh, and delivered once a week. The price for this service ranges from $10.00 to $14.00 depending on the plan, with additional costs for the a la carte items.