Healthy Recipes to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Everybody is rightfully concerned over the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Although the virus gets mentioned in every news report, the main suggestion from leaders and health experts is simply to wash your hands. This is prudent advice that should not be ignored, but there is a lot more people can do to ensure their immune systems are healthy, and they are better prepared to fend off sickness.

Prepare For Coronavirus With These 2 Healthy Recipes

Remember, we are not presenting these recipes as cures for the illness. The medical community is hard at work on a solution, but as yet no cure exists. Please do not fall victim to charlatans selling scam products in the media or online. But even though there is not a cure, there are a lot of simple things you can do to boost your immune system. The healthier you are, the better chance you have of not falling ill during this time when hospitals are overly stressed.

Ginger tea in a glass cup and teapot

1. Ginger and Honey Tea

What You Need:

  • Raw Ginger
  • Honey
  • 8oz water

A simple ginger and honey tea is a nice way to boost your immune system, and it’s very easy to make. Peel a few small pieces of ginger and boil them for about three minutes or until you smell the ginger wafting up from the liquid. Pour in honey while the water is still hot to provide a pleasant coating on your throat and to improve the flavor. Ginger is high in antioxidants, and the taste of the tea is pleasant. You can also add lemon for further health benefits.

2. Orange, Strawberry, Mango Smoothie

What You Need

  • 1 Orange
  • 6 Strawberry
  • 1 Mango
  • 3-4 oz water (or replace with coconut water)
  • Ice
  • Egg white (optional)
  • Honey (optional)
Close up of juicy strawberry slices in a blender.

Fruits always provide a boost to your immune system. Oranges and strawberries are both high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that keeps your body strong and less vulnerable to illness. Mangos are high in carotenoids, which converts to vitamin A when consumed. Vitamin A also helps to give your immune system a boost.

Smoothies are quite simple and easy to make. Mix equal portions of orange, strawberry, and mango slices with an equivalent portion of ice. Add water or the juice of your preference and mix it in a standard blender. Add honey for sweetener or an egg white for a pleasing froth. Egg whites are high in Vitamin D, which also provides an immune system boost. Experiment with the portions and adjust it to your taste. Every ingredient, either taken by itself or in concert with the others, improves your overall health.

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Protect Your Immune System and Wash Your Hands

Cute little girl is washing hands under running water.

It is very important to take extra steps to protect your immune system during this pandemic. Coronavirus is very real, but you need to keep in mind that you also need to take extra precautions during this uncertain time to protect yourself from the flu, cold, or other common illnesses.

Get plenty of sleep, limit your alcoholic consumption, and try to follow a nutritious diet to help ensure you can maintain your social distancing during this time. If we all do our part, this pandemic will pass, and life will get back to normal in short order. Stay healthy!