11 High-Protein, Low-Carb Snacks For That Afternoon Boost


Most of us have been at that place in the afternoon, just a few hours after lunch, where we simply want to reach for the quickest sugary snack or that greasy traveler’s pack of potato chips, to help us just get through the balance of the day. In essence, these snacks will work for a temporary clam of the munchies, however, a swift and sudden crash will result from it, as these kinds of foods do not curb your appetite for too long instead they cause intense blood sugar spikes. We are not preaching doom and gloom, ending to the vegetable tray to whip out some carrot stick and crunch, no, there are some healthy alternatives for snacks that you can easily munch on and not feel like you are a rabbit.

Greek Yogurt With Seeds, Blueberry, And Nut Granola

Mark Bailey, a cookbook author, and private chef is the one to have offered this recommendation, the reason being that it is quite filling and will definitely satisfy any of those cravings for sweets in a very healthy and nutritious way. What’s more, is that it is packed with probiotics that help with the health of your digestive system. The use of Greek yogurt guarantees more serving of protein per spoonful than using regular yogurt.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

According to Dr. Michael Forman, a clinical nutritionist, hard-boiled eggs is one of the most nutritious and completely natural foods. Eggs when hard-boiled still contain a complete set of essential minerals and nutrients that offer energy throughout the day. The organic eggs are best or even free-range eggs, specifically those that were pasture-raised. For those that cannot handle a hard-boiled egg without some added flavor, the doctor suggests that you sprinkle some Himalayan salt or organic sea salt on it, as these will offer flavor and enhance your organ function like your thyroids.


Nuts are always a convenient, easy snack as they are super easy to travel with and slip into your mouth without anyone even knowing what you did. Depending on the type of nuts you like, they offer some varying advantages, although they are all very rich in protein, peanuts carry the highest protein content, while almonds and pistachios offer fiber as well, and pistachios also have potassium.

Meat Sticks And Jerky

There is a reason that energy bars made from meat-based protein are trending, according to some medical professionals, protein sources from animals are a complete protein. These meat sticks and jerky bars are recommended due to their store shelf stability and the convenience of traveling with them, as well as the quick pick me up that they offer without the subsequent crash.

Protein Shakes

For a low carbohydrate, a high protein snack, reach for any organic plant-based protein shake. Normally you can get roughly 20 grams of proteins per serving from a quality protein shake. These shakes can also be blended with water so that they stretch further or even with almond milk. Some individuals also add superfoods to them to give that extra boost of energy without the additional overloading of fat and carbohydrates.

Tuna Salad

Most people associate tuna salad with that of a meal and not a snack, but according to Dr. Michael Forman, it should not be sidestepped as a snack. He states that tuna salad has a load of protein and is still travel friendly as it will not weigh you down. Not we are not talking about the classic tuna salad that most people know and love, this is usually packed with additional fat and calories, so instead create your own by combining chunks of tuna with some greens, celery, lemon juice, and a small amount of olive oil. Some people who have a liking for sweets also add in dried fruits.

Peanut Butter On Celery

Another suggestion from the private chef, Mark Bailey. Here, he encourages the use of almond butter over peanut butter as it is lower in carbohydrates and is also considered a whole food. He recommends creating a nut butter and sprinkled crushed nut dip, for your celery stick. You should however be mindful of the serving size as calories do mount up when consuming nuts or anything nut-based for that matter.

String Cheese

Dr. Karena Wu, a physical therapist recommends that snack as it assists in maintaining a healthy protein intake which allows your metabolism to continue functioning, plus it is neatly packaged in small amounts. She further explains that the greatest part about the string cheese is the built-in portion control.

Tuna And Egg Salad Crostini

This is yet another great way to work the high protein content of eggs into your daily routine. As suggested by Mr. Bailey, the Albacore tuna is one of the best for high protein content, this tuna and egg salad should be made with low-fat Greek yogurt, low-fat mayonnaise, and mustard as a substitute for the mayonnaise in the egg salad. Bran Crispbread can also be swapped in for the cracker in the crostini for added fiber, this also helps in making you feel fuller, for longer.

Raw Chocolate And Pumpkin Seeds

Nut-based raw chocolate, that is made from pistachios or almonds is your best bet. It is extremely high in protein and does not have soy, refined white sugar, dairy, or preservatives. Not to mention it is relatively low in carbohydrates. Adding this to pumpkin seeds that are already very rich in protein and low in carbohydrates as well as make for a ridiculously awesome filling snack.


We cannot have a conversation about healthy filling snacks without the mention of the ultimate superfood, avocado. This is an extremely versatile source of protein that is very rich as a source of omegas. The author of The Earth Diet, Liana Werner-Gray, suggests that avocado can be paired with hemp seeds and a bit of lemon juice, as the ultimate super snack as the combination presents the body with an extraordinary mix of protein, healthy fat, and fiber.