10 Surprising Signs You May Have A Food Allergy

There are plenty of food myths out there, and some of them have to do with food allergies. To make things more complicated, you may know someone with a severe enough food allergy that they have to carry around an EpiPen. That alone could make you feel like symptoms you experience related to food aren’t significant enough to address because at least they aren’t life-threatening. But did you know that a non-life-threatening food intolerance could still be impacting your health and everyday life? Having a food sensitivity doesn’t always mean your throat closes if you accidentally eat an allergen. A food intolerance can show up in a lot of different ways and some of the side effects are so subtle you probably write them off as regular occurrences — sleepiness, moodiness, and so on.

1. Food Cravings

Anyone who has ever tried to kick their sugar habit can tell you that a food craving is not always a sign of what our body needs — contrary to what you may have been told. We are learning more and more that certain foods can be as addictive, or even more so, than opiates. And that can be the case if you have a food intolerance as well. Cravings for dairy or gluten (like bread and pasta) can sometimes be an indication that you have a sensitivity to that food, not that your body is seeking some nutrient from it as the myth goes.

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