10 Cooking Hacks You Did Not Know!


In the kitchen, convenience is necessary. We always need our kitchen organized, supplies close, and ingredients ready so that our recipes can be prepared smoothly. In the kitchen, cleanliness, time, simplicity, and space are commodities. And that is why kitchen cooking hacks are so useful. 

Every appliance has an assigned purpose in the kitchen, whether for mixing the ingredients, making coffee, toasting bread, and even heating food. Over the years, many cooking hacks have come to light, and they are astounding. With the help of a few cooking hacks, you can master your skills and take care of your products. Luckily, various great cooking hacks can help anyone and significantly improve their cooking skills. 

Here are ten cooking hacks of some of the most useful hacks that will help everyone, regardless of skill level.

Dinner Roasting Hack

There are many ways to throw together the best meal. Sautéing and frying are two of the most common methods. But if you’re not careful, that cooking method can make you add more oil to that dish than it probably needs. In the oven, roast your dinner on a sheet pan. It is an easy way to regulate the quantity of oil you are using in that dish. With this method, you will clean minimal dishes and get all of your cooking done. 

Sauté the Spinach

While cooking spinach, it’s been said that it has sensitive nutrients and loses many health perks. Also, while boiling spinach affects the loss of nutrients much. So, sauté them quickly and enjoy it while it’s warm if you want to get all the spinach nutrients.

Open-faced Sandwiches

The sandwich’s bread holds all of the fillings together, which is probably the most crucial aspect of the meal. Only the bottom slice of bread can hold the fillings, so there’s no need to put the slice at the top and create an open-faced sandwich. With this, you will avoid a few calories and can top it with all of your favorite toppings. 

Bake Fries

Potatoes are known as one of the best appetite agents and suppressants. They are loaded with great nutrients and an excellent source to get all health benefits. After cooking our favorite fries, they are probably dripping oil and aren’t the best for your body. So, there’s a trick, cut up the potatoes to make fries and pour a bit of oil in the oven and roast them, pepper, and salt. In this way, without all of the extra calories and oil, you’ll have a delicious and crispy snack that will be healthier for you.

Double the Veggies

Eating healthy vegetables doesn’t mean there’s only salad for you. You can enjoy your favorite meals, like pizza, pasta, pizza, burgers, with all the veggies. So, the trick is to round out the meal, fill your dishes with lots of vegetables. You can add a topping of vegetables to burgers and pizza. Toss your favorite roasted vegetables together with a portion of pasta. It will help you to feel full, not only add a lot of fiber and nutrients to your meal.

A Roux for Creamed Dishes

If your pasta dishes are poured in lots of butter and cream, then they’re unhealthy. So, you can make a creamy and thick sauce by making a roux and adding it up. Make a roux by melting butter and add in some flour, whisk till blended. When the sauce gets thick, slowly pour some regular milk and then add in a bit of cheese, and there’s your perfect cream sauce. You can use a roux in some of your favorite meals, including your loaded chicken, rice soup, dumplings, alfredo, etc.

Greens as a Side Meal

Portion control is the main thing, and sometimes it can be not easy if you’re used to eating your favorite meals. Fill half the plate with the side of simple green. It’s an easy way to portion control. That could be any vegetable with one of your favorite meals.  Fill half your plate with your favorite meal and a half with greens, and there’s the easy portion control.

Add Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are packed with lots of dietary fiber, and it is one of the best nutrients to add to your meals. It will help with excellent immunity and weight loss. There’s a hack to add some chia seeds in your daily meals to get your daily fiber requirement. In breakfast foods, sprinkle some seeds on the slice of toast with some peanut butter, add it to yogurt, oats, or you can make a chia seed pudding to get a big fiber boost.

Leave Pancake Batter for 15 Minutes

Pancake recipes tell you to put in baking powder, a leavening agent. If you want to make a fluffy pancake, then the baking powder is the fundamental trick. If you let your pancake batter sit for 10-15 minutes to absorb the baking powder then you will get a fluffier pancake. So, leave your pancake batter for 15 minutes while you get your pan and your toppings ready after you whisk together your batter. That means that you’re likely to eat less with fluffier pancakes and will not indulge in too many calorie-dense, flat pancakes.

Final Thoughts

You’re likely making a meal that will be healthier than a restaurant dish if you’re cooking at home. Even if you’re making a warm meal like pasta and cheeseburgers, cooking at home is one of the simple, healthier, and most comfortable ways to cut down on extra fats and calories. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for more cooking hacks or more straightforward ways to make your cooking convenient and healthier, then the above list of some cooking hacks will help you out.